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DNS Implementation

I do believe that what I’m doing right now in my project is suicidal. It took me 4 years to build the project and last January 2, 2008 my system kick off. It lasted for only 4 days and right after that insane experience I was never the same again.

It almost took my life due to stress but I manage to execute plan B (Back to Old System) at the right time. The experience I had really proves to me the existence of God.

In technical details I do believe that the failures I had during those time was the lack of user’s cooperation on providing me the complete details on how things work. It’s really hard to build something where you start from scratch and you don’t have any clue on how the company system works. You have to look for problems, solve the problems and train the users on the module you made.

What choice do I have? Building something big like corporate system takes time and there are no shortcuts especially when you are just starting.

The experience I had provide me a clear view on how…

Thoughts on Sun’s billion dollar MySQL

I bet Microsoft is pretty much scared with this big news. 2008 will be a very interesting year to watch as Sun become more and more competitive than ever before. The combination of Sun, Linux and the OpenSource community will become main stream as they compete with Microsoft and other vendors. Choices from servers, operating system, systems development and web are very much laid right before our eyes.

With Sun's investment on MySQL the future is bright to those who aspire in choosing alternatives to license software.

Sun is still very much committed in providing support and innovation to other database such as Prostgre, Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.

Now for technical people who seek for alternatives that will provide the most low cost tools for their server and development has just gets better. Sun has now become the center for providing solution. Sun has been selling servers for years now and the combination of their server, Solaris, MySQL and NetBeans will be a stronger …