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The crazy world of basketball

Basketball has been my friend in times of my lonely days and nights. And so we played the game today. It's a battle for championship who ever wins will fight for the no.1 spot.

My team which is CCD(Corporate Communication Department) and our enemy is EDS(Engineering Department). Obviously we lost agains them because they have one tall center 6'4 and a good team mates that can really make you feel so frustrating.

Imagine, once the ball is missed and all your team mates are jumping as high as they could then this guy would just stand and use his height. I tell you it's a very frustrating sitaution.

In the end they dump us with more than 40 points lead.

My story is not really a question of who wins or loss but it's funny how I became so popular despite being the bench guy. Im not one of those first five dude but at the last quarter when my team mates felt that they should give up and send their bench guys to play guess what?

The crowed became alive. The thing is most of them a…

Reflection of myself

2005 was one of the most memorable thing that happen to me. In terms of career everything went fine but in terms of my relationship with my gf it was worse. We almost let go and live a separate life due to some misunderstanding. And I tell you it was the most painful experience I ever had.

During those time I always think that it was her fault. Even though im here in cabanatuan everything is just getting worse. There were times that I would really let her go for the rest of my life and yet she still beg for one last chance. Honestly speaking I never see the reason why I should give her another chance. Everything was horrible due to pressure and sleepless nights. I always thought that it was all her fault.

Yesterday, i was asking God what's the reason to all this event and why it turn out to be like this.

I never see myself not until she mention about my blog entitled Confuse

Last night when im about to go to sleep I remember what she told me and decided to review my blog and go back t…

Google's new motto

Most geeks know that the original motto of google is "Don’t be evil." and it was one of the most amazing company in the world. However, things have change lately and they are switching its search facilities in China to servers based inside the country.

And now critics have been ranting about their new motto: "Don’t be evil unless the Chinese government asks you to and there’s serious money in it”.

Click here for the complete story

Geeky Sunday

Here are some 2 geeky tips...

1. Sex Drive. Let's face it most man love to have sex and most of the time most women simply hate the idea that their man is a sex addict if not monster. The solution tantanan give him WOW(World of War Carft). Check this advertisement. This explains how WOW is a birth control device.

2. Xbox. A video on how geeks are sweet. Click here

Life in a fast world

I never thought that life here in cabanatuan is twice as fast as in davao. I guess it's all because of the mind or the number of brain cells that is being burn. The day after I arrive in davao im so certain that I could actually see the second hand of a clock move. Because when im working in cabanatuan I only see minutes. I guess I should blame it to Microsoft because the timer inside my taskbar won't show any seconds.

If there's one truth about my experience during my stay in davao it's ganna be: I could actually feel im bored as compared in here. But still Davao is still the best place.

Another insane accident happened today. Just this afternoon I decided to check out the malls just to see what's new and cool. Things that I observe recently was: I don't see any iPod Nano anymore, prices of Nike shoes are dropping, lots of cool shirts and pants in dockers, giordano and mossimo and I think im beggining to like friction stories...If there's one person to blame…

Especially for Jo Disini

Since gusto mo man tagalaog kaya heto...


Syempre naman ako pah eh idol ko ata ang mga post mo. Maraming beses kasi na wala ako sa mood at pagod then bubuksan ko rss reader ko at paranteng last ko binabasa ang blogs mo di naman sa ayaw ko ika nga nila "save the last for best." hehehe. Wala akong masabi ganda ng sense and humor. Halos parang sulit ang araw ko lalo na pag medyo boring at sobrang weird na ang life ko hehehe alam mo naman basta geek minsan akala nila may topak hehehe.

Sya nga pala ang email ko is Salamat ha at nag reply ka malaking bagay na to sa akin ikaw pa na halos sobra pa sa ate ang tingin ko sayo hahaha joke lang.

Aantayin ko email mo ha thanks.

XS: ehem sa mga readers ko na mga barkada dyan wag na kayong maging malisyoso eh si Jo na yan kasalanan ko ba na hinihingi nya email address ko at kailangan ko mag post para makita nya ulit sa google? Tandaan nyo Disini yan at Panizales lang ako kaya kung ano man ang plano nyong sabihin mamay…

Macworld 2006

Don't you just love apple? Steve Jobs rocks the house again by his keynote for 2006. Watch the movie here.

After 2 years of watching videos of apple this time they have change it to big size screen. Don't you just love it?

Rock on apple.

Bye bye Jo

One of my favorite writter that makes my day complete suddenly shut's down her blogg. Thank fully my rss feeder got his last post and explain everything.

So who's to blame? blame it to destiny.

Bye Jo Disini it was an awesome blog and experience too. Drop me some comments if you want have some new blog.

Take Care.

Bat Cave

Today im back to my first ever client ACD(Assumption College of Davao). Right now im sitting infront of a computer where I used to work on it. This computer was temporarily given to me as I compile my program and transfer the compiled file then distribute it to all the computers.

This computer was the major player in transfering data from my own computer to this computer then transfering all the data to all the users. This computer provides the bridge to every updates I made.

Reminiscing the days when I had my first major project, I could say that it was a blast if only I would think about those days when I completed my project but, if I think of those path to success I could say that it was not an easy task.

My group mates left me all alone even my parents told me to give it up and do something differently. But then again my desire and passion is too great enough to be shattered by this events. I could really say that time that "I desire for this power" even if it only exist …

A new world

I used to think that if I go home time will run fast and the next thing I would realize Im running out of time. However, things went differently. Time seems to run so slow as I comapre my life in Cabanatuan. I guess it's all because work.

A lot of things have happened to me in here in davao. Things that are unimaginable, sometimes they are good ones and sometimes there are bad ones.

There are things in my life that are not bound to be blog because of my own privacy and besides putting it in public will create buzz to my of relative and friends.

Right now im blogging at Nebith using a wireless internet connection in a private room wherein only the sound of an aircondition can be heard as compared to Celcor where FM station starts to run as soon as some employees are working.

The privacy that was given to me by this place is awesome plus not to mention 24 hours aircondition for free. I wonder who in this world right now would be kind enough to give me this kind of opportunities? Thanks …