The crazy world of basketball

Basketball has been my friend in times of my lonely days and nights. And so we played the game today. It's a battle for championship who ever wins will fight for the no.1 spot.

My team which is CCD(Corporate Communication Department) and our enemy is EDS(Engineering Department). Obviously we lost agains them because they have one tall center 6'4 and a good team mates that can really make you feel so frustrating.

Imagine, once the ball is missed and all your team mates are jumping as high as they could then this guy would just stand and use his height. I tell you it's a very frustrating sitaution.

In the end they dump us with more than 40 points lead.

My story is not really a question of who wins or loss but it's funny how I became so popular despite being the bench guy. Im not one of those first five dude but at the last quarter when my team mates felt that they should give up and send their bench guys to play guess what?

The crowed became alive. The thing is most of them are waiting for me to play. And this is the most interesting part.

Im a certified bench guy and my coach often over estimate my capabilities. As soon as I enter the game I already analyze the situation and knows exactly that the 6'4 guy is going for the kill. He was insulted by one of our team mate where he shouted someting like "At least kami kahit hindi matangkad gwapo." and our price? this guy gives no mercy in every shot we attemp even if the lead is way 40 points.

I already made a plan move to disgrace this guy after observing how he block some shots.

As soon as they gave me the ball my first attemp was an over shoot. I guess I was getting used to it. But on my second attemp which I assure is something that I could make him feel insulted I was fouled. Actually it's a pumping move where I used before to most killer blockers who are so excited in blocking. What I did was once I make the move and fly I stretch my both arms fooling the blocker then once I saw the block I pull it down and shift it on right straight into the board and down to the basket.

This time it was different since this guy is a freeking 6'4. Luckily, he made contact on my arms and I was fouled. And the crowed gets crazy. Then I made the motobo moves where I shake my two fingers infront of their team and it made the audience more crazy. They where laughing so loud. I guess they were impress hehehe. Just imagine a bench dude taking down the killer blocker.

I made the first shot but the second miss it. Then my third attemp obviously this time he was so prepared and finally block me. For me it was nothing. Then they pull him out to match the game.

And for my final attemp a quite match dude was waiting for me while bringing the ball and bam yet another disgrace for him hahaha it was a one on one move and its either to be insulted or to insult him. And damn he was insulted by my move.

I may not be the best player in my team but hell them the crowed that time was with me. No star players in my team can match my own crowed chanting my name "Si mark! si mark!" or "Kay mark kay mark."

We still have one more match to go. Fighting for 3rd place.


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