A new world

I used to think that if I go home time will run fast and the next thing I would realize Im running out of time. However, things went differently. Time seems to run so slow as I comapre my life in Cabanatuan. I guess it's all because work.

A lot of things have happened to me in here in davao. Things that are unimaginable, sometimes they are good ones and sometimes there are bad ones.

There are things in my life that are not bound to be blog because of my own privacy and besides putting it in public will create buzz to my of relative and friends.

Right now im blogging at Nebith using a wireless internet connection in a private room wherein only the sound of an aircondition can be heard as compared to Celcor where FM station starts to run as soon as some employees are working.

The privacy that was given to me by this place is awesome plus not to mention 24 hours aircondition for free. I wonder who in this world right now would be kind enough to give me this kind of opportunities? Thanks to Vernon long live Nebith.

Another big news have just hit the wave...Paul Domag is certified MVP in microsoft! congrats dude. Take note its not just some ordinary MVP creditation its an international straight from redmon.

To Paul, may you share your gifts in improving our team. Just imagine free license Visual Studio .Net 2005, Sql Server 2005, 10 windows xp and unlimited updates from microsoft.

Man your lucky enough to be alive hehehe.

We have also plans in renewing my business permit so we can totally blast the software development and make the most of what we have right now. But still, it remains stuck in our heads we need to make it happen or forever live in a dream world.

And oh if ever we can make it happen we are now certified competitors of any software company in davao. Dream on wormiez hahaha. Im so excited for the opportunities that will come in our way. Perhaps someday.


Jane Smith said…
Makooooooiiii!!! How are you? belated xmas and happy new year!!! dumaan lng ako wla akng time mg create ng blog dito complicated kasi di ko ma gets. anywayz, grabeh ha, goodluck sa pag expand ng empire moh! di kana ma reach!
areman said…
hope your dream will come true.
maks said…
hehehe thanks

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