Bat Cave

Today im back to my first ever client ACD(Assumption College of Davao). Right now im sitting infront of a computer where I used to work on it. This computer was temporarily given to me as I compile my program and transfer the compiled file then distribute it to all the computers.

This computer was the major player in transfering data from my own computer to this computer then transfering all the data to all the users. This computer provides the bridge to every updates I made.

Reminiscing the days when I had my first major project, I could say that it was a blast if only I would think about those days when I completed my project but, if I think of those path to success I could say that it was not an easy task.

My group mates left me all alone even my parents told me to give it up and do something differently. But then again my desire and passion is too great enough to be shattered by this events. I could really say that time that "I desire for this power" even if it only exist in my own imagination hahahaha. I don't even remember worrying about the consequences of my action.

Despite the odds that came accross my way during those time (insults, pressure and lie's)it doesn't feel like a burden for I have already accepted it as a challenge.

So why am I here again? Well I need cash so this school serve as my cash piglet a.k.a pork barrell.

The funny thing about this event is I could really see this thing to happen even before I started to ponder those keys. I dream of this long before it came to me but I don't know how and when.

Im still searching for my own destiny looking for the right path. Have you seen it already?

I need to improve and to take this thing to the next level. Something bigger and exciting. I hope.


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