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UFO and breaking the speed of light

I will make this as simple as possible. What if it has been proven that a scientist Dr. Raymond Chiao's photons break the speed of light on the year 2000! 1.7 times faster!

We all know Einstein formula which is e=mc2 and said that no matter is capable of breaking the speed of light. What if a new scientist has just prove him wrong?

How? simple if any object can be converted in a microscopic form through its energy then travel then it could happen for real.

Watch this...

Enigma 2012

I saw a video that talks about the future of human race as we reach the year 2012 which has a very significant meaning to the Malayan Calendar. The speaker David Wilcock connects everything and provide scientific proof on the inner source power of human being which is the brain particularly the pineal gland. The guy talks about space and time, worm hole, aliens and our future.

This video is not just your ordinary Hollywood scifi fantasy movie it is base on facts and science.

Burn for me baby...

I was bored and waiting for our Christmas party to end. So I surf the YouTube and found this one...

I dedicate this song to all girls who want their man to reach their dreams and burn! hahaha

From GWT-EXT to SmartGWT

For the past three days I have been thinking of whether to shift to the new SmartGWT or stay with GWT-EXT. I told my self that not because Sanjiv(the original author of GWT-EXT) is out means I have to follow him to his new project.

To answer my own problem I decided to Google around my whole day to find a legitimate reason why I have to stay or move on. I finally decided to move on to SmartGWT and migrate most of my stuff on it pretty soon.

Here are the following solid reasons.

1. The GWT-EXT members are posting migration steps to SmartGWT and even recomend new developers who are starting Ajax to use SmartGWT. I think this is a solid justification.

2. Even though SmartGWT user interface sucks a little bit the team have assembled an elite members of designer to make the new and improve widgets more professional. Can't wait to see their new interface.

3. If I stay with GWT-EXT eventualy Google will upgrade their product and without the support of EXT-GWT things will be a mess. I don'…

GWT-EXT+Maps Rendering/Resizing Solution

On my previous post about Google Maps I mention about my own map having some issues during the rendering process. Those of you who have tried working on Maps using GWT-EXT I bet you know exactly what I mean. Something like this:

After months of waiting for solution I almost gave up on this problem and almost quit on this like most developers. Unlike them I did not gave up, no not yet.

Here's the solution...

The most obvious clue to solve this problem is the resizing since every time you re-size your browser everything works well. Unfortunately, Panelmaps on GWT-EXT doesn't have a command like this (or I'm just too dumb not to figure it out).

May alternative was to use the Google Maps Api. You can download it here:

The next step will be to use the latest Google Webtoolkit 1.5.3 just to make sure everything works. You can download it here: (Note: I tried the first version before GWT 1.5.0 an…

Tough Times

We are now experiencing global economic crisis and Filipinos are not exempted by this crisis in fact news all over our country shows a lot of OFW are going home because of massive firing overseas. As I try to go back to the past and review successful people stories I found out that crisis like this provide opportunity to those who seek for the light.

Imagine this...

Henry Sy - launch the SM Malls at the start of Marcos martial law.

Gokeingwei - started to learn selling army boots during the world war.

Bill Gates-keeps on working on software on the 1980's where the US economy is way down below.

To keep our hopes high here's an email sent by my Tita Neneng.

Master Investor - Warren Buffett

I had the good fortune to attend the 2008- Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders meeting at Omaha, Nebraska a few weeks back.

It was a wonderful experience listening to and learning from the Master Investor- Warren Buffett himself and all I can say is that he stands alone as the reigning deity of financial …


Ever wonder who is the number one emerging startup today?

Introducing: StumbleUpon

It's one of the most brilliant web application ever develop. I confess I am addicted to it.

Flash Games

I tried some of this and I love it! I will book this on my blog in case I get bored.

The 150 Best Online Flash Games

DNS Status

For the longest time in my I have been working on this project for almost five years and as of today I can only say: "Now, I can smile."

It has been a long journey for me on this project but I am still hoping that soon I can stabilize things on or before December as I am waiting for that special person to come home as she promise me.

GWT+Pushed E-mail

I had a dream...My dream is to have a new Microsoft Outlook inside my PC and manage all my emails. The funny thing is I burn my PC later.

Fast forward to the present, I just pushed all my Gmail account to my new Ajax Web application.

And I am telling you I want more cool tools on this baby. I will be working on the compose module, spam, quick reply and the list goes on.

I'm hoping that I could finally complete my old project so I can work on my social site full time.

11 Ways to Market Your New Social Networking Website

I am planning to release my new social site pretty soon so I am booking this important guideline...

1. Identify your target audience
Who are you targeting -- specifically? To help answer this question, think about the target age, gender, interest, and geographic location of who you want to use your new site.

2. Beta test – thoroughly
Social networkers have choices, and they definitely don’t have the time or willingness to deal with problems. So before you launch, you need a really strong beta site that’s been tested and tested and tested. And tested one more time for good measure. If you have the budget, consider private or third-party testing – not only will they do a thorough job, but they may notice problems that over time you’ve come to ignore. The easiest way to turn off a potential customer is to deliver a sub-par experience.

3. Seed your site
Say you’re creating a site for interior designers and your goal is for thousands of designers to upload photos for the community to comment on…

GWT+RSS Feeder

Working on RSS Feeder gives me goose bumps during my college years when I fail on HTML stuff. I don't know why but it seems to me that dealing with HTML code for me is a total frustration maybe because I am a bad designer. No matter how hard I try to push things I only got 81% grade during design and a failure grade during our exams.

I guess it did create a trauma on me and hated anything related to web application. But, what choice do I have? the demand for web apps are so strong that it can not be tolerated.

Fortunately, the first time I work on GWT I fell in love with it and things that I hate before about HTML codes and design begin to make sense. After a few months of coding the next time I notice is web codes are not bad after all.

I guss in order to really appreciate something there must be a major reason why.

Working on RSS Feeder is awesome after I finally integrate things on my apps I still suck on create tables.

Argh...I want round tables.

Anyway, below are some screen shots …


Lately, I have been working on Google maps and it seems that it so hard working on the auto re-size thing when dealing with GWT(Google Web Toolkit).

Fortunately, things get better after three days of search for the right solution. Here's the sample code in case you're working with the maps too.

MapPanel google = new GoogleMap()

google.setCenterAndZoom(new LatLonPoint(21, 106), 5); google.setWidth("100%");
google.setHeight(Window.getClientHeight() + "px"); google.addLargeControls();

//auto resize the map

Window.addWindowResizeListener(new WindowResizeListener(){

public void onWindowResized(int width, int height) {
google.setHeight(height + "px");


Unfortunately, the rendering part of the map still has some major issues.


Our world has been evolve in a monetizing kind of culture and as the US economy is on for bankruptcy it would be very interesting to know how the US government run their system.

As you try to watch the video try to keep some of the important notes:

The 3 Principles of US Economy

1. The economic hitman - bribery
2. The jackals-pro government to create chaos
3. Military - To take out military

Corporatocracy - Modern emperor. To maximize profits regardless of the social and environmental cost.

Watch and find out the modern system called Project Venus.

Watch: Zeitgeist: Addendum

Icon Hunters

To those of you who are looking for the best free icons that you want to add on your personal stuff like systems, web application or mobile you are indeed lucky today.

Introducing: DeviantArt Top 40+ Beautiful Icons

Windows Cloud

Microsoft is now being aggressive on pushing the cloud computing by introducing a "Windows Cloud" OS later this month. It will be very interesting to see how things will evolve starting from this project.

Read more: Microsoft Expected to Announce 'Windows Cloud'

Facts about the Yahoo-Google advertising agreement

I have been wondering a lot about how Google and Yahoo could possibly managed to team up without being sued by the anti-trust government. I really don't have a single clue.

Fortunately, Google has put up a site to enlighten consumers the details of their most controversial agreement with Yahoo.

The facts show that they are really really smart.

Read the site: Yahoo-Google advertising agreement

Email's and Feeders

I really think I have come a long way on learning JAVA and I am beginning to fall in love with AJAX deeper than I ever think of especially when I manage to run two of the most important aspect in web technology. Email and RSS Feeders.

I have been reading pinoytechscene website for the longest time and since the beginning I was really amaze at how the owner manage to get the feeds of its members and be able to show it to its readers. I have long for that technology for the longest time I guess I just did not have the time and the right technology in my hands in order to build it. Web apps simply won't appeal on me.

Not until Google Web Toolkit came along. It was the kind of technology that I really want in a web. It's so perfect for me that I would really dive in to learn anything just to make all those web technology (that I used to hate) be able to run.

The OpenSource movement was the real key why I manage to make this happen. They help me learn the cool things that I could only…

The Hardest Thing for a Leader

I think the most difficult thing for a leader to endure is to quit into something knowing that he could finish it in time.

It’s so hard that it hunts him every night.

The Dark Knight

I just watch batman yesterday and it was so different. I just think that it was the best Batman movie I've ever seen.

Some ofof my favorite lines in batman:

"You Either Die a Hero, or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain."

Alfred Pennyworth: When I was in Burma, a long time ago, my friends and I were working for the local Government. They were trying to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders, bribing them with precious stones. But their caravans were being raided in a forest north of Rangoon by a bandit. We were asked to take care of the problem, so we started looking for the stones. But after six months, we couldn't find anyone who had traded with him. One day I found a child playing with a ruby as big as a tangerine. The bandit had been throwing the stones away.
Bruce Wayne: Then why steal them?
Alfred Pennyworth: Because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reas…

Viacom Lawsuit Against Google

How good is Google? That has been my lingering question for the past years.

When they first bought YouTube my first question was how on earth they will handle the intellectual property problem? After a few months Viacom and a few companies did file a case against them. As you all know they did win the case. They defend their case and made an argument that for every illegal upload on YouTube they remove it upon request by the owner.

After a few months losing the case Viacom made a come back on their case arguing that a growing number of illegal copyright videos are being uploaded on YouTube. It was a real strong case that could possibly shuts YouTube down. If I was on their situation I don’t think I would even survive the first case.

Then I begin to wonder what if Microsoft, Apple and other sectors are facing this kind of problem what would they do?

I think if Microsoft is face on this case they will go for settlement. A billion dollar settlement is my bet.

For Apple, I think they will drop…


I finally completed the last phase of my user interface which is "Charts". Fortunately, GWT code for this object was not pretty hard and I manage to complete it in no time. Check them out:

Column Charts

Income Charts

Line Charts

Pie charts

Finally, I can concentrate on real coding and focus much of my time on building the structure of my web.

Google Code Jam

Do you enjoy solving tough problems and grappling with technical challenges? Then enter Google Code Jam!

Google Code Jam is a coding competition in which professional and student programmers are asked to solve complex algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time. The contest is all-inclusive: Google Code Jam lets you program in the coding language and development environment of your choice.

It's about time!

GWT: Image Chooser

One of the most difficult user interface to code was the image chooser of the GWT Showcase demo most of its components source code can be viewed easily when you click the view button but not the image chooser because of its complexity. The good news is I manage to make it work.

I think the image will speak for it self.

Here's another...

Soon you will see these components in action when my site will be out. Hope you like it.

Firefox 3

Download starts now...User's burn your bandwidth:

GWT Captcha on EIS

I've got a captcha! Yes! I finally manage to run a captcha on my EIS(Energy Information System) it's been three days since I have been working on this baby and trying to understand how the heck servlet works on Apache Tomcat.

One thing I realize when I was working on this project: Coming from a Microsoft developer, when you start working on free IDE the first thing that comes into my mind is "IT SUCKS!" but if you keep on holding on and be open minded about how to deal with problems you will appreciate the art of coding.

Eric Schmidt in Conversation with Ken Auletta

Another interview from the Google CEO...One important question that you will realize on this video.

Why Eric Schmidt is the father figure of Google.

Watch the video: Eric Schmidt in Conversation with Ken Auletta

GWT-Ext 2.0.4 is out

GWT-Ext 2.0.4 is finally out. This release support for FireFox 3, GWT 1.5 RC 1 Support, and many bug fixes. With GWT-EXT 2.0.4 Ajax developer for Google Web Toolkit can now take advantage on GWT 1.5 RC1features.

The power of nice interface and performance is now in harmony with each other.

Download it here.

Google Culture: Why Eric Schmidt is the best CEO

It is the first time I have seen Eric in a conference of business people and from my point of view Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer combine is no match with this guy. After watching his video there's one important key that this guy keeps on telling his audience:

The values of Listening.

If someday I'll be able to run my own company I would make "the culture of fear" as my number one list on how to deal with it.

Watch the video: Eric Schmidt at the Management Lab Summit

Google Web Toolkit, RPC (Remote Procedure Call) and Apache

For the past weeks I was trying to figure out why my web apps won’t display whenever I deploy then on web host. I tried every trick I could but I just couldn't make it happen. It took me 3 days of break before I finally solve them. Phew!During the process of solving I decided to install Apache (a web server) in order to simulate things using local host before deploying them to the actual site. This will provide me a solid confidence that the problem is not on my web apps since it did run on a simulated web host. And it works!The form object did appear and all those fancy stuff however, on thing is missing “The RPC” it is one of the most important part on communicating between client and server. As I try to search for alternatives they say accessing thru JSON could be good choice.I began to wonder…What’s with the RPC? Why won’t it connect to my free web host? As I try to Google things around one answer did appear. And it was clear. RPC is using Java’s servlet to communicate between…

Google IO

For the past years I have been an advocate of Microsoft and Mac conferences. This time it's Google's first conference called Google IO

After watching the video I must say it was an awesome experience. I do believe that what Google just did has been a long dream for most developers. To have a powerful, open and scalable tools for free.

The power of desktop, web and mobile is now in our hands. I just love Google.

GWT 1.5

Google has just release the 1.5 version of their web toolkit. I'm hoping things gets better on it.

With 1.5 new capabilities are being introduce such as Java 5 syntax support. Java generics, enumerated types, annotations, auto-boxing, and variable parameter lists are enabled.

Honestly, I'm not sure what they are but it will be very interesting to learn them soon.

Check it out: Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit - Out of memory

In case some of you are working on GWT(Google Web Toolkit) using eclipse and you are experiencing out of memory problems during loading or compiling your web apps.

The anser is here...

Under Eclipse on run->open run dialog...

Select GWT Hosted mode application on the side tree and choose prameters tab and comfigure your VM Options with this syntax "-Xmx800m"

in executing the java virtual machine the "-Xmx" means the maximum range of memory and the "800m" means 800MB. Which means increasing the maximum memory upto 800Mega bytes.

GWT(Google Web Toolkit)

I have just finish releasing my first AJAX application. It was cool and perhaps soon I can work more on the content and the structure.

Feel free to check it out:

DNS Complete (SMI-Branch)

I am please to announce that I have managed to complete my system after four years in the making. Currently the annex branch of CELCOR(SMI-Palangke) is using my system already. Every single transaction that they made is powered by DNS. Just yesterday, I no longer stay there for maintenance. One more week to make it more mature and we will launch the new system on the main office. It really feels different whenever you see employees using your system you made all by your self. I could remember the day when John toured me to that place. I was excited because it was challenging but I was more nervous wondering if I could actually do it especially on the part of processing payments.
It’s always been hard work and persistence against all odds that made me complete this task. Here’s how my module look like now:

Another scary part when I visited the SMI was figuring out on how to create a program that will process the transferring of data from SMI to the main office. Once again thank God fo…

Microsoft to show new search tech

I was reading an article about Microsoft new technologies and it says:

"Microsoft hopes to back up its refrain that it has a plan to catch Google by showing off some improvements to its Live Search product at a company-sponsored advertising conference later this month..."

Read more here

While reading the article I was about to believe in them because they have just withdrawn their bid on Yahoo! and decided to take things on their own to beat Google. However, at the end of the story one comment changes everything and it says:

"Once again we are on the Microsoft roundabout. Promising the next big thing in search or the next big thing in computing. Meanwhile, their competitors deliver the goods without the hype. People use Google for a reason, it delivers. Microsoft promises to deliver and simply continues to fail."

Honestly, It's so true! Maybe Microsoft should stop talking those hype and deliver.


Wow WIFI is going mainstream in our place as more coffee shop are being open now.

Thank God its free hehehe

JDTS Database Connectivity

I finally manage to connect my Java program to MS SQL Server 2000 using JDBC JDTS after 11 hours of understanding how to connect and configure things. I guess that’s the beauty of OpenSource tools you have to dedicate most of your time in learning things but I am pretty much sure after this painful learning curve things will get smooth.

Here is the Simple Code:
import java.sql.*;

public class NewApplication {

public static void main(String[] args){
Connection conn;

conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://ADVENT/DNS;user=mark;password=mark;namedPipe=true");
System.out.println("Successfully connected");
catch(Exception e){
System.err.println("Unable to connect");


Though I can search a lot o…

Unleashing the web through Facebook

I have been so curious about what’s with the facebook and what makes it different against all other social sites that are up right now? The answer is Facebook Platform.I do believe that soon Facebook will be the next web OS in the coming years to come as long as they keep on track with what they are doing. Using Facebook today is pretty quite confusing but it’s pretty much obvious that their strategy is really strong. If they can work things the right way and execute things fast enough it will be a hit in the long run.Google must learn to market their new products beyond search and prioritize their strategy as Facebook and Microsoft charging their way to eat their source of revenue which is the advertisement.Watch the Video: better understand why.

DNS Implementation

I do believe that what I’m doing right now in my project is suicidal. It took me 4 years to build the project and last January 2, 2008 my system kick off. It lasted for only 4 days and right after that insane experience I was never the same again.

It almost took my life due to stress but I manage to execute plan B (Back to Old System) at the right time. The experience I had really proves to me the existence of God.

In technical details I do believe that the failures I had during those time was the lack of user’s cooperation on providing me the complete details on how things work. It’s really hard to build something where you start from scratch and you don’t have any clue on how the company system works. You have to look for problems, solve the problems and train the users on the module you made.

What choice do I have? Building something big like corporate system takes time and there are no shortcuts especially when you are just starting.

The experience I had provide me a clear view on how…

Thoughts on Sun’s billion dollar MySQL

I bet Microsoft is pretty much scared with this big news. 2008 will be a very interesting year to watch as Sun become more and more competitive than ever before. The combination of Sun, Linux and the OpenSource community will become main stream as they compete with Microsoft and other vendors. Choices from servers, operating system, systems development and web are very much laid right before our eyes.

With Sun's investment on MySQL the future is bright to those who aspire in choosing alternatives to license software.

Sun is still very much committed in providing support and innovation to other database such as Prostgre, Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.

Now for technical people who seek for alternatives that will provide the most low cost tools for their server and development has just gets better. Sun has now become the center for providing solution. Sun has been selling servers for years now and the combination of their server, Solaris, MySQL and NetBeans will be a stronger …