GWT+RSS Feeder

Working on RSS Feeder gives me goose bumps during my college years when I fail on HTML stuff. I don't know why but it seems to me that dealing with HTML code for me is a total frustration maybe because I am a bad designer. No matter how hard I try to push things I only got 81% grade during design and a failure grade during our exams.

I guess it did create a trauma on me and hated anything related to web application. But, what choice do I have? the demand for web apps are so strong that it can not be tolerated.

Fortunately, the first time I work on GWT I fell in love with it and things that I hate before about HTML codes and design begin to make sense. After a few months of coding the next time I notice is web codes are not bad after all.

I guss in order to really appreciate something there must be a major reason why.

Working on RSS Feeder is awesome after I finally integrate things on my apps I still suck on create tables.

Argh...I want round tables.

Anyway, below are some screen shots that you people would like to have.

Friends Blog...Paul and Wildfire

News...Yahoo and Slashdot

The good news is I am releasing my new site pretty soon. The bad news is only at the right time you will find out when.


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