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I was very much satisfied with the conversation we had at Ideacamp there are a lot of smart people willing to share what they have from IT, energy resources to mother nature you name it they have a lot of things to share. I have also seen a lot of business opportunity being offered to us.

If there's one thing I really like about this organization its the fact that they let people become entrepreneurs.

I used to think I was the only one who would venture on this and it was hard but now I have allies and people to talk, share and learn from. This is what I need.

Hopefully, I could maintain my focus and keep the fire alive.

Inbox Reply

I have been working on my mailbox functionality particularly the inbox reply of my content mails. As far as I am concern it works pretty cool right now. Check out the result of my mails.

Here's the result of my top 20 inbox mails in Gmail pushed to my SocialMe project.

I choose my iTunes mail. I decided to change the viewing content of my inbox since my old style of viewing affects all the objects and controls of my overall mailbox. Right now it's pretty much under control but it comes with a price of configuring the content view.

Once the reply button was click all the basic task that a user need to reply will appear. Automatically the content will be send to the email address that was provided.

Here's the view of my Yahoo Mail.

As you can see the a new message pops up the moment we send the email.

As we try to check the new inbox we can see that the mail comes from SocialMe email.

finally, here's the result of my email. I'm still puzzled as to how to attach the images o…