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GWT Fileupload

When I first look at the fileupload sample on GWT Showcase I expect everything was easy and simple to handle however, as I began to work deep on the widget I began to question a lot of things particularly the process of transferring the file being assigned to its destination. As I began to learn a lot I realize things were pretty much complicated as compared to what I expect.

Searching for answers wasn't easy either fortunately Hasan's Weblog provide the most detailed and complete solution in helping me reach my goal.

Check out the sample that I have work with:

I know it's pretty gay that I used Taylor Swift as an example what choice do I have considering for the past three days you're staring at your codes trying to wonder what the heck is the problem? and suddenly the radio starts to play about cheer captain and bleacher thing with the chorus of "you belong with me...."

The project looks pretty cool and I love it a lot especially when you realize that your file…