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John Gokongwei Speech before Ateneo 2004 Graduates

I wish I were one of you today, instead of a
77-year-old man, giving a speech you will probably
forget when you wake up from your hangover tomorrow.
You may be surprised I feel this way. Many of you are
feeling fearful and apprehensive about your future.
You are thinking that, perhaps, your Ateneo diploma
will not mean a whole lot in the future in a country
with too many problems. And you are probably right.
You are thinking that our country is slipping-no,
sliding. Again, you may be right.

Twenty years ago, we were at par with countries
like Thailand,Malaysia, and Singapore. Today, we are
left way behind. You know the facts.

Twenty years ago, the per capita income of the
Filipino was 1,000 US dollars. Today, it's 1,100
dollars. That's a growth of only ten percent in twenty
years. Meanwhile, Thai…