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When Things Get Lost

A lot of times I encounter in my left where I lost my focus on what im working. May it be I'm too lazy, sleepy or my mind just wont work no matter how hard I try. Ever got that feeling?

Luckily I just solved this type problem. This thing just works for me as far as I am concern.

1. A day before you decided to really focus on your work you must condition your body first. Exercise is the key. This will awaken your body and pump up some adrenalin and oxygen to your body.

2. Sleep early. When I mean early I really mean as early as 10pm. Your body may not be comfortable with this since it is not used to so you have to drink one glass of warm milk. Use the spoon to consume everything. It may take you an hour or half and hour to finish drinking so you better start drinking at 9pm.

3. Wake up early. Once your body has awakened you have to force your self to the bathroom and start the shower as early as possible. This will help you push your body. Then dress up and get ready for work. 6am is …

DNS: Test Run Results

The launching was a blast yesterday as the system take charge all the day to day transaction of my client company. As early as 7:30am customers are all standing and waiting for their bills to be paid and I didn’t expect to have that huge amount of customers waiting for their turn.The in charge teller went to the office at around past 8am and by the time we start to roll the system things did go pretty well but of course there are some problems occur that I didn’t anticipate as I expected. Here are the lists of mistakes that I encounter:DLL’s hell. I think visual basic package reach its limitation on adding up a number of components that I used because even though I already add the new dll’s and reports during the package setup still during the installation and test run this new components didn’t exist.Beta Test run. I must admit I reach to a point where during the past two months I got so bored and lazy because there where no reason to solve anything …

DNS Launching

For almost four years in the making my system will finally get a test of being fully used this coming Nov 3, 2007. It took me this long because a lot of factors during the development phase occurred and I didn’t expect things would be really tough as this one.We did have a meeting just last week and I was really expecting a full blown system implementation but things just didn’t go my way. Some users were really scared of the output that they demand for another one more month of beta testing. I have to admit I was really frustrated that time and it took me almost one day to recover and focus my attention into understanding why I have to swallow the result of the meeting. Never the less, I decided to focus much my attention on delivering the results in this up coming test run to justify everything I did and complete the whole one month process of test run for this month of November.
Two new servers are getting reading to pump up as we try to accomplish the impossible and two new PC will…

To Those Who Are Lost

A special message to all those who are having a hard time.

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don't settle.

Steve Jobs

Open Source: More than free

Beyond cost here are some of the reasons why schools prefer Java over Microsoft tools. Starting with mobility Nokia and SonyEricson which leads the mobile sector in the Philippines is powered with Symbian OS. C++ and Java are the key language to develop new apps.

Though merong mga mobile devices powered with Windows Mobile still it’s too expensive to match up with these devices. Considering prices drop every month and new devices are being brought up in the market.

Second thing is the Web. is pretty elegant and fast however, a combination of open source tools such as PHP, Perl, GWT(Google Web Tool Kit-uses java to create ajax application) and more are creating a lot of attention these days. Plus Adobe is doing a good job in helping designers to keep up with the developers.

The third is the Systems. is indeed one tough tools that is unmatched by any open source tools. However, not all developers are happy with it due to its limitations particularly the express edition but b…

Prisoner in the Philippines

Would it be nice if you were sentence to jail and you do things like this?

Two things in Life

It’s been a while since I wrote something in my life in this blogg of mine may it be personal or technical stuff. What is it for me right now? As far as my life is concern I have two tasks that I am working right now. First is my never ending system and second is my training for the upcoming tournament in badminton.Let me start by talking something about my never ending system. At the beginning I thought that if I ever completed the structural flow of the system everything will be fine but time after time as I took the challenge head straight things just got bigger and bigger and more complex to the point that sometimes I feel so depress. I can’t hit the exact target of my deadline.What’s wrong?It seems that as I reflect on the process of developing the system I realize that the software development stage is just the easiest part of the challenge. Way back 2003 when I was starting strong on this project I thought that systems development is the hardest part. As I try to detail the asp…

John Gokongwei Speech before Ateneo 2004 Graduates

I wish I were one of you today, instead of a
77-year-old man, giving a speech you will probably
forget when you wake up from your hangover tomorrow.
You may be surprised I feel this way. Many of you are
feeling fearful and apprehensive about your future.
You are thinking that, perhaps, your Ateneo diploma
will not mean a whole lot in the future in a country
with too many problems. And you are probably right.
You are thinking that our country is slipping-no,
sliding. Again, you may be right.

Twenty years ago, we were at par with countries
like Thailand,Malaysia, and Singapore. Today, we are
left way behind. You know the facts.

Twenty years ago, the per capita income of the
Filipino was 1,000 US dollars. Today, it's 1,100
dollars. That's a growth of only ten percent in twenty
years. Meanwhile, Thai…


I never thought that cartoons like Naruto could help me dream big. It may be just an ordinary anime but it poses a greater impact in our daily life and how should we live by it.

I almost lost my passion but because of this movie I was enlighten on how important dreams are.

Building my dreams is not easy but it's everything to me.


Holy Smokey...I have seen Microsoft pumping their mobile phones to make it as powerful as their OS and I have been craving for Steve Jobs iPhone presentation but I am very much surprise to see what Sun has. It's a Java FX JavaFX Mobile software, a member of the JavaFX product.

Who cares? What's JavaFX?

It's a software product from Sun that allows any consumer electronics manufacturer to accelerate the delivery of Java/Linux based devices, from phones to set tops and dashboards and everything else imaginable. Without fear of format lock-in or disintermediation from a competitor. JavaFX is a product (not simply a technology), built on Java Standard Edition (the Java platform running on your desktop computer), that unites billions of Java SE and Java Micro Edition devices (Java Micro Edition is what runs on most of the world's mobile handsets).

JavaFX provides a complete and fully open source platform for device manufacturers, content owners and service operators wanting to …

The Microsoft CEO Summit 2007

A very interesting event happened this May 15-17 it’s the Microsoft Summit. CEO’s are gathered to discuss how they will shape the future of business and Bill Gates leads the role.

Here are some of the key points that I learned after watching the video.

Every two years Microsoft still managed to double the transistors of mother board to boost the PC.

Internet broadbands are getting accepted more and more on developed countries.

Bill gates divided the concept of digital work style into two categories. Digital work style: basic and empowered. The basic focuses on the standard tools like email and the empowered uses the online video to communicate and improve employees.

Months after Microsoft collaborated with Nextel to provide innovation with communication they have managed to upgrade PBX communications to the PC and the internet power with break through software. The combine power of telecommunication, Microsoft speech recognition and Microsoft outlook was awesome during the presentation. Ho…

Google challenges Viacom lawsuit

Last march of 2007, after some very unproductive negotiations between Google and Viacom, a billion dollar suit was filed against Google because of copyright infringement.

Two months later Google is now challenging the lawsuit with their defense:

"Google shielded itself with the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, legislation passed in 1998 that says Internet firms are not responsible for what Internet users put on websites."

Google asked the judge to immediately deny Viacom's claims and order the New York-based entertainment company to pay Google's legal fees and whatever other damages the court sees fit.

Let's wait and see what will be Viacom's response to this.

WWDC 2007

Apple is pumping its neurons for its next big thing this coming June 11-15 at Moscone West, San Francisco, CA, as it focus on its next generation OS X leopard, reaching out to developers and of course the most awaited iPhone that will hit the mobile world by storm.

One thing I notice in this event, Apple is now focus on attracting more developers to invest their time and effort on their platform. They are now calling for software developers, web developers, scripters, system administrators and IT managers who innovate using Apple technologies.

Mark this on your calendar June 11-15. Watch the webcast.

Microsoft in China

This is a little bit late but I think it is worth discussing in this blogg of mine. Last April 19, 2007 Bill Gates and Craig Mundie held their Microsoft Government Leaders Forum in Beijing.

It was very interesting because it talks about poverty as compared to the usual tech talk that Microsoft usually held. Professor Muhammad Yunus, Founder - Grameen Bank, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, was their special guest.

Professor Muhammad Yunus talks about technology that could reach poor people and a business that welcomes all types of people even without collateral except for the word trust.

One form of business that he introduced is called Social Business. It is a business that is none gloss, none dividend, a social business and its not making money. Its objective is to help the poor people.

Social business is different to charity because in social business when you lend some money it will be reused over and over and again while in charity your money will be gone. The purpose of social busine…

Bukidnon Part 2

It was a hot summer for the month of April and mom keeps on complaining about how hot the world is and frequently she is being attack by her asthma because of the warm whether. She always craves about how nice it was when we were in bukidnon.Fortunately, my dad has an employee who owns a house there and was in search for a buyer. He asked the guy if we could stay there for just one night to check out the place, and he got an approval. And so the adventure starts…
Bahay ni Makoy hehehe…

From there we visit Fr. Francos place. He was an Italian guy and my oh my his place is awesome too...

Fr. Franco and his dog

Marlboro Philippines…

I just hope you like it…:D

Philippine Eagle

It seems to me that I beginning to enjoy taking pictures just everywhere I go. It really feels good to have those memorable pictures and share it to the world. One of my favorite adventures is in the Philippine Eagle together with my baby Nonna. It was the very first time she went home in the Philippines for two years stay in the US. Since the day she start studying in Davao she had never got the chance to visit Philippine Eagle. At first I thought it was a joke but she was really serious about it hehehe. (I think my baby was sexy in here...)

I decided to make it our first date last December 31, 2006. I never thought she would like it but she really did.

The real fun part was when we got lost going to Philippine Eagle. I was the driver that time but I guess I enjoyed driving a lot that we went as far as Marilog which is an hour drive to our exact location. What can I do? I felt I was driving a Porsche hehehe.

If I continue driving that …

Holy Week

I had a very memorable vacation when I was in davao during the holy week. I had nothing much to say right now. Just enjoy the pictures...This place was taken in Seagul in the Sky particularly in Buda(Boundary of Bukidnon and Davao).

more pictures on my photo album. Click here: Seagul in the Sky

Feed your mind

Ever wonder how it feels to answer some interviews from Microsoft?

Check this out: Microsoft Interviews

Apocalypto: Where is wally

I just saw the movie Apocalypto by Mel Gibson and it was awesome. The reason I watched it was because, I was intrigue by my gf when she talk about it last year. I do admire my gf taste of movie because when she says it’s a good one then it definitely suites my taste. It all started last year when she talked about the movie Fast and the Furious (Tokyo drift) I thought it was a boring one, but when I accidentally found myself inside the mall walking through the cinemas and saw the movie I decided to give it a shot.

Guess what?

I end up dreaming for a car and drift it over and over again until the tires burn up.

Yesterday, I was a little bit doubtful if the movie would really be worth watching for because my gf told me that it has subtitles because the movie uses the native tongue (Mexican) but as I laid out the facts: its Mel Gibson movie, my gf is dying to buy a DVD copy of it and she even wants to view it for the second time around in cinemas.

And…the movie never fails to amaze me.

After w…

My gift

I have been wondering for a while what will be my Valentines gift to my gf Nonski. She is so far away and even though we spend a lot of time together last December and January it seems it was not enough and I began to miss her so bad.

During those months I did my very best to treat her right, gave her flowers and every possible time I could ever gave but still Valentines day is Valentines it is the most romantic day for your love ones and yet we are not together.

I decided to think deep and come-up with something that is left by her memories. Digital Pictures we shared combine with mp3 music that I could best describe my deepest feelings in a funky way of course.

Watch this:

Ten years ago this innovation was not possible and today everything is going global. The power of Internet combine with Open Source provides endless opportunity.

The Virus of Faith

This is a very interesting video to watch...

Watch this: The Virus of Faith

Vista Launching


Someone made a video for me and it was pretty awesome. Thanks i love it.

My Birthday

How do you celebrate your most memorable birthday? For almost 26 years of existence in this world I never bothered to ask this kind of question not until I experience it. Most of the time my family is always there sharing my joys as we gather together and celebrate. Things change when I experience one of the rarest birthday celebrations I ever had because it was weird.

It all started when I was starting to work on java features doing all those amazing stuff like arrays, integers, strings, controlled structures and user interface. As I was enjoying working with interface using Netbeans 5.0 one important feature that made me appreciate the power of Visual Studio and that is the drag and drop capabilities (Fortunately, Netbeans 5.5 support the drag and drop capabilities ). During those times I said to my self “I better check out Visual C# exciting features…” I called our Geeks Cave which is Nebith to check who is present. Luckily, Paul the person that I wanted to see was the only one work…

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft-Nortel Press Conference

These Webcast simply talk about their partnership with Nortel and the key importance of Microsoft in most business company like Shell. I think Microsoft immediately decide to create a strategic alliance with telecoms because they have saw the powerful impact partnership with Apple and Cingular. This is simply a response to the competition.

This event happened ten days after the announcement of iPhone. The ability to adopt change and respond to competition is the only edge of Microsoft that makes them number 1.

Bill Gates: International CES

After watching Macworld and writing articles about it I decided to watch Microsoft keynote version and finish it just today. The keynote started with a very cool presentation with digital tools coming from Microsoft or how Windows Vista became a key player.

Then Bill Gates started the usual speech that he does but seriously speaking I find it quite a little bit boring because it seems there is nothing new. I guess it is because I always watch all of his Webcast and I don’t find it interesting already. The key points that Bill is trying to let me absorb have already been there. From system integration, exciting features of Vista, Office 12 hovering features, e-mail and so on. It’s like I have already seen that and the Webcast that they try to show seems so redundant already for me.

Justin Hutchinson presented the integration of Vista, Office 12 and Windows Live. DreamScene animated desktop that allows users to select a movie to be constantly playing in the desktop without interferin…