When Things Get Lost

A lot of times I encounter in my left where I lost my focus on what im working. May it be I'm too lazy, sleepy or my mind just wont work no matter how hard I try. Ever got that feeling?

Luckily I just solved this type problem. This thing just works for me as far as I am concern.

1. A day before you decided to really focus on your work you must condition your body first. Exercise is the key. This will awaken your body and pump up some adrenalin and oxygen to your body.

2. Sleep early. When I mean early I really mean as early as 10pm. Your body may not be comfortable with this since it is not used to so you have to drink one glass of warm milk. Use the spoon to consume everything. It may take you an hour or half and hour to finish drinking so you better start drinking at 9pm.

3. Wake up early. Once your body has awakened you have to force your self to the bathroom and start the shower as early as possible. This will help you push your body. Then dress up and get ready for work. 6am is a good time at work. No disturbance just you and your job.

4. Once you are inside the office I bet the feeling of being sleepy and unable to proceed to work will occur. The best thing for developers like me is to open up your computer and never ever try the internet but instead your favorite programming language should be the first and only application that is being open together with your database server.

5. Start with the pen and paper/notebook to solve the most complicated problem that you ever face. Take it lightly and be open. Until your brain heats up and the next thing you know everything you need is in the paper. Now you have a clear path to code it on your program.

6. The final part and the most important of them all. While doing this analysis and planning make sure you stay hungry. Like you don't eat and really wants to solve the problem. Once all the important aspects of analysis are completed will be the only time you will eat.

This works for me. Try it; it might save you from failure to deliver during deadlines.


Nonna said…
lol ang cute mo baby hahaha! mwah love u :D

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