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Apocalypto: Where is wally

I just saw the movie Apocalypto by Mel Gibson and it was awesome. The reason I watched it was because, I was intrigue by my gf when she talk about it last year. I do admire my gf taste of movie because when she says it’s a good one then it definitely suites my taste. It all started last year when she talked about the movie Fast and the Furious (Tokyo drift) I thought it was a boring one, but when I accidentally found myself inside the mall walking through the cinemas and saw the movie I decided to give it a shot.

Guess what?

I end up dreaming for a car and drift it over and over again until the tires burn up.

Yesterday, I was a little bit doubtful if the movie would really be worth watching for because my gf told me that it has subtitles because the movie uses the native tongue (Mexican) but as I laid out the facts: its Mel Gibson movie, my gf is dying to buy a DVD copy of it and she even wants to view it for the second time around in cinemas.

And…the movie never fails to amaze me.

After w…

My gift

I have been wondering for a while what will be my Valentines gift to my gf Nonski. She is so far away and even though we spend a lot of time together last December and January it seems it was not enough and I began to miss her so bad.

During those months I did my very best to treat her right, gave her flowers and every possible time I could ever gave but still Valentines day is Valentines it is the most romantic day for your love ones and yet we are not together.

I decided to think deep and come-up with something that is left by her memories. Digital Pictures we shared combine with mp3 music that I could best describe my deepest feelings in a funky way of course.

Watch this:

Ten years ago this innovation was not possible and today everything is going global. The power of Internet combine with Open Source provides endless opportunity.

The Virus of Faith

This is a very interesting video to watch...

Watch this: The Virus of Faith