Apocalypto: Where is wally

I just saw the movie Apocalypto by Mel Gibson and it was awesome. The reason I watched it was because, I was intrigue by my gf when she talk about it last year. I do admire my gf taste of movie because when she says it’s a good one then it definitely suites my taste. It all started last year when she talked about the movie Fast and the Furious (Tokyo drift) I thought it was a boring one, but when I accidentally found myself inside the mall walking through the cinemas and saw the movie I decided to give it a shot.

Guess what?

I end up dreaming for a car and drift it over and over again until the tires burn up.

Yesterday, I was a little bit doubtful if the movie would really be worth watching for because my gf told me that it has subtitles because the movie uses the native tongue (Mexican) but as I laid out the facts: its Mel Gibson movie, my gf is dying to buy a DVD copy of it and she even wants to view it for the second time around in cinemas.

And…the movie never fails to amaze me.

After watching the movie I can’t get enough of it and to end my Apocalypto fever Youtube is the best place to dig in. Guess what I found?

This is funny. It may seem faked but Wikipedia posted it on their site and confirm that it was for real.

To see Wally run the movie then after watching click the bar on 7 sec.

Read it on Wikipedia: Wally, apocalypto.jpg


Jane Smith said…
hahahah i had to run it countless times to catch it u know!! it's so quick that it's hard to tell. i'm eager to find out once i have the dvd hehehe. i will let u know if it's there!
leigh said…
hahahah watch 300 movie too it's fuckin' awesome! best dark movie ever!

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