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GWT+Pushed E-mail

I had a dream...My dream is to have a new Microsoft Outlook inside my PC and manage all my emails. The funny thing is I burn my PC later.

Fast forward to the present, I just pushed all my Gmail account to my new Ajax Web application.

And I am telling you I want more cool tools on this baby. I will be working on the compose module, spam, quick reply and the list goes on.

I'm hoping that I could finally complete my old project so I can work on my social site full time.

11 Ways to Market Your New Social Networking Website

I am planning to release my new social site pretty soon so I am booking this important guideline...

1. Identify your target audience
Who are you targeting -- specifically? To help answer this question, think about the target age, gender, interest, and geographic location of who you want to use your new site.

2. Beta test – thoroughly
Social networkers have choices, and they definitely don’t have the time or willingness to deal with problems. So before you launch, you need a really strong beta site that’s been tested and tested and tested. And tested one more time for good measure. If you have the budget, consider private or third-party testing – not only will they do a thorough job, but they may notice problems that over time you’ve come to ignore. The easiest way to turn off a potential customer is to deliver a sub-par experience.

3. Seed your site
Say you’re creating a site for interior designers and your goal is for thousands of designers to upload photos for the community to comment on…

GWT+RSS Feeder

Working on RSS Feeder gives me goose bumps during my college years when I fail on HTML stuff. I don't know why but it seems to me that dealing with HTML code for me is a total frustration maybe because I am a bad designer. No matter how hard I try to push things I only got 81% grade during design and a failure grade during our exams.

I guess it did create a trauma on me and hated anything related to web application. But, what choice do I have? the demand for web apps are so strong that it can not be tolerated.

Fortunately, the first time I work on GWT I fell in love with it and things that I hate before about HTML codes and design begin to make sense. After a few months of coding the next time I notice is web codes are not bad after all.

I guss in order to really appreciate something there must be a major reason why.

Working on RSS Feeder is awesome after I finally integrate things on my apps I still suck on create tables.

Argh...I want round tables.

Anyway, below are some screen shots …


Lately, I have been working on Google maps and it seems that it so hard working on the auto re-size thing when dealing with GWT(Google Web Toolkit).

Fortunately, things get better after three days of search for the right solution. Here's the sample code in case you're working with the maps too.

MapPanel google = new GoogleMap()

google.setCenterAndZoom(new LatLonPoint(21, 106), 5); google.setWidth("100%");
google.setHeight(Window.getClientHeight() + "px"); google.addLargeControls();

//auto resize the map

Window.addWindowResizeListener(new WindowResizeListener(){

public void onWindowResized(int width, int height) {
google.setHeight(height + "px");


Unfortunately, the rendering part of the map still has some major issues.


Our world has been evolve in a monetizing kind of culture and as the US economy is on for bankruptcy it would be very interesting to know how the US government run their system.

As you try to watch the video try to keep some of the important notes:

The 3 Principles of US Economy

1. The economic hitman - bribery
2. The jackals-pro government to create chaos
3. Military - To take out military

Corporatocracy - Modern emperor. To maximize profits regardless of the social and environmental cost.

Watch and find out the modern system called Project Venus.

Watch: Zeitgeist: Addendum

Icon Hunters

To those of you who are looking for the best free icons that you want to add on your personal stuff like systems, web application or mobile you are indeed lucky today.

Introducing: DeviantArt Top 40+ Beautiful Icons

Windows Cloud

Microsoft is now being aggressive on pushing the cloud computing by introducing a "Windows Cloud" OS later this month. It will be very interesting to see how things will evolve starting from this project.

Read more: Microsoft Expected to Announce 'Windows Cloud'