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Vista Launching


Someone made a video for me and it was pretty awesome. Thanks i love it.

My Birthday

How do you celebrate your most memorable birthday? For almost 26 years of existence in this world I never bothered to ask this kind of question not until I experience it. Most of the time my family is always there sharing my joys as we gather together and celebrate. Things change when I experience one of the rarest birthday celebrations I ever had because it was weird.

It all started when I was starting to work on java features doing all those amazing stuff like arrays, integers, strings, controlled structures and user interface. As I was enjoying working with interface using Netbeans 5.0 one important feature that made me appreciate the power of Visual Studio and that is the drag and drop capabilities (Fortunately, Netbeans 5.5 support the drag and drop capabilities ). During those times I said to my self “I better check out Visual C# exciting features…” I called our Geeks Cave which is Nebith to check who is present. Luckily, Paul the person that I wanted to see was the only one work…

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft-Nortel Press Conference

These Webcast simply talk about their partnership with Nortel and the key importance of Microsoft in most business company like Shell. I think Microsoft immediately decide to create a strategic alliance with telecoms because they have saw the powerful impact partnership with Apple and Cingular. This is simply a response to the competition.

This event happened ten days after the announcement of iPhone. The ability to adopt change and respond to competition is the only edge of Microsoft that makes them number 1.

Bill Gates: International CES

After watching Macworld and writing articles about it I decided to watch Microsoft keynote version and finish it just today. The keynote started with a very cool presentation with digital tools coming from Microsoft or how Windows Vista became a key player.

Then Bill Gates started the usual speech that he does but seriously speaking I find it quite a little bit boring because it seems there is nothing new. I guess it is because I always watch all of his Webcast and I don’t find it interesting already. The key points that Bill is trying to let me absorb have already been there. From system integration, exciting features of Vista, Office 12 hovering features, e-mail and so on. It’s like I have already seen that and the Webcast that they try to show seems so redundant already for me.

Justin Hutchinson presented the integration of Vista, Office 12 and Windows Live. DreamScene animated desktop that allows users to select a movie to be constantly playing in the desktop without interferin…

Macworld January 2007

Steve JobsThe moment I got back from work after a long vacation in DavaoCity I immediately check the two most important keynotes that I always monitor: Apple and Microsoft.Things didn’t go pretty well the moment I click the link to run the video because of our crawling internet connection. I always end-up hanging and begin to wonder how cool their keynotes are so I decided to read some news in Yahoo to get the details about it.At the technology section in Yahoo News the battle between Apple keynote in San Francisco versus Microsoft CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas was always at the front page for the past few days. Basing on their articles it seems that Apple won the battle despite the 4,000 audience compose of Apple employees and reporters against Microsoft CES 17,000 audience.I decided to pick the Macworld and stay up late because it is the only way to suck the bandwidth I need to view the video and find out how cool the presentation was. Indeed it was historic and rema…

Carly+HP=Tough Choice

After completing the book “The World is Flat” last 2006 a new interesting story is about to begin and it’s Ms. Carly Fiorina memoir. I have already read a couple of chapters and it is very interesting to read. I do love to read more about the story in her life especially the choices she made.

One very interesting question that remains a mystery in my mind is why on earth did they fire her? What are her personality? How does she feel when forbes magazine rank her number one as the most powerful women in the world before.

These are some of my questions that I was hoping to be answered as I go through the book.

My December

It’s been a while since I blogg since I left my work place- Cabanatuan City – in exchange of my dream place – Davao City-. Seriously, speaking I was planning to spend my Christmas and New Year at my work place inside in a cubicle and be as geeky as I want to be but things have change when someone told me that she will be coming to the Philippines just to see me and spend time for me -I know she just want to go to her dentist to remove her wisdom tooth by her dentist *just kidding*- I said to myself “It’s definitely a good deal.” I was getting sick and tired of my world in my work place and I need a break desperately.2006 was really my year in terms of extra curricular activities and history in the making because I did give me a good karma after three years. For the first time in my life I never lost my Cellphone last December. I remember that since I started working in my work place every second week of December its either someone stole my phone or I drop it inside the vehicle with th…