Someone made a video for me and it was pretty awesome. Thanks i love it.


Jane Smith said…
wait a minute....toink! nice!
Anonymous said…
Indeed a good one... good to see you and your friend... But since I have a dial-up internet at home it took a long time to view the whole video.
Take care and love you dear Mark,
Leigh said…
hi mark... please do update my link in your blog.....

nice presentation.. hmmm done in MS photo story? nice nice.. :)
maks said…
@jane smith-:D thank you. dapat sau ko sabihin un.

@tita-thanks tita. love you and take care too. Im glad that you saw the video. credit is given to jane smith sya ang gumawa hehehe.

@leigh-sure. it was done in MS movie maker. galeng ni jane...:D
Leigh said…
ah! movie maker... hehehehe nice
Jane Smith said…
I'm not as artistic as you guys so just bear with it =)...that's the best I can do. Mark is just being nice to me...and Jane Smith is just my screename...nice meeting u all.

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