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My december

Just this afternoon my cousin left davao and now he is in manila. Sooner or later he will be back in his homeland in the US. I envy him because it is so unfair. Howcome it is so easy for them to visit my country and yet it is so difficult for me to visit their place. I wish I someday I could visit US and not just tour the place but to work too.

It's a harsh and unfair world you know. Bye and take care cousin...

Here I am in my room and I had a very interesting gift this christmas. I just bought a new mouse for my laptop since my generic mouse was so problematic and I just bought my most expensive book. It's Visual C++ 6.0 I know it's quite old compared to .net. I should have bought it when I had the chance. Maybe soon...Talking about this book it has been my long dream to have this but the problem is I don't have enough cash to buy this. Fortunately, last dec. 27, 2004 I had enough and I bought it once and for all. Hurray for me...and to make things even better sample…

My last long hair

I don't wan't to forget my my long hair. I miss it so much...I felt like I wan't to cry. I cut it right now because my girl hates it. Too bad. here's what I look like...

My Christmas Experience

It's been a while since I had my blog. Wazzup with me right now? hmmm let me see. I'll start with the day I left my work place.

At around 2:30am dec. 21 2004 I get up and immediately take a bath. Then at around 3am im done and walk my way out of the compound in cabanatuan. Then I ride a bus going to manila. When I reach manila I saw a church full of people it was the last day of mr. FPJ[Fernandoe Poe Jr.] the action star dude who was so popular in the philippines that most fiipinos treat him as if he was their relatives. I wonder what's wrong with this people. Imagine waiting for 3-4 hrs just to have a look of him or even cry for him wow that's just great. On the other hand I feel like some of them just over react to it. Just to be expose with the media or be seen on tv I guess. Who cares anyway.

As I stop at cubao a street somewhere in manila I decided to take a cab(Taxi) goning to my fairy god mother. My first try when I reach the shaw boulivard was a failure. I almo…

My last days

What a year!

It's been a year working in CELCOR(Cabanatuan Electric Corporation) and tomorrow at around 3am ill ride a bus and stay in manila for one night. And on Dec. 22, 2004 at around 5am hopefully I could catch my plane and land safely in davao and back to my home.

I miss my room, my pc, my family and my special someone.

What's up with my life in here? Actually, I have learned a lot from day one until my very last day today. And here are the people and things that I wan't to express about my inner feelings.

1. God- thank you for the opportunity, life, experience and blessings that you have given to me. Merry Christmas.

2. John Tangle- I know you can't read this since I don't have plans of telling you my blog site hehehe. It's been nice knowing you and without you dude I won't be here. You are the reason why im here you are the bridge that connect my carreer to this place. I owe you a lot and I promise you that I will do my best to finish the last phas…

Some bastard girl

Last monday, before I had a meeting one friend of mine in my yahoo instant messenger send a note on me. It's more like a spam that informs users who belongs to your yahoo friends that if you send the note to all of them some cool stuff will happen.I decided to reply on her since she was my friend and a former high school classmate of mine. I told her that "it was a blaff" then she said "sorry" and she added another note telling me "by the way it's bluff" then I argue with her and told her hey it's really blaff. I told her blaff as in the light version of bluff. I did argue with her to the point that I blew her temper and now she's calling me names like "Gago ka pala eh.", "Your such an asshole" and "screw you!"I was really surprise with her violent reaction. Actually I could fight back and throw even more harsh words on her(Just imagine all the bad words you can think off).The thing about this girl is she is s…

The New GUI(Graphical User Interface)

I decided to change my gui and lessen some components who use too much memory in my module. As I compare it to my previous system the newly simple design runs fast and help me eliminate memory leaks. I found out that one of my components that handles the xp look and feel has some unrelease memory (not unless you close vb) cause me to reboot 4-5 times despite having a memory of 512mb.

Instead of tweaking those codes that will take more time I decided to focus on the gui and follow my first rule of kissess. Which is "KEEP-IT-SIMPLE-STUPID" what do you know its even better. Here it is:

Reminiscing my work and home

Last Dec. 07 2004 was my first year here in Cabanatuan. Last year 2003 as I recall it John who is one of the MIS staff called me while I was working at my project particularly the enrollment system. He called me three times to convince me to go in here and work on their system.

Honestly, it was one remarkable experience. Just imagine an electric company calling you to work on their system.

During those time two things that I kept on my mind. First is I need experience, Im very much interested on how an electric company works and if ever I could complete it, it's ganna be one of my masterpeice. Secondly, I need my revenge to the company who I resign due to some hard headed wannabe boss of mine. One thing I dislike about him was the pride. Most of the time he thinks nobody can beat him. Though if you really try to imagine it in real terms we haven't finish a single project that was given to us by Caltex Philippines.

My first two weeks in here was a disaster. It's because I d…

Stupid friend

With the help of one of the AGM(Assitant to the General Manager) plus the security guards my first conclusion became clear. I had this dought first that my radical analysis was true. And here it is: During the party yesterday with the employee of celcor one dude name francis who works as an assistant helper to his mother in a small cooperative or canteen here in the company was there. After a few hours he moves close to me and talk. The critical part was he's topic was about my key. He told me that 'Wag ka magtiwala sa kahit kanino dinala mo ba susi mo?' (don't trust anyone did you bring your key?) 'And I said 'wala' (no). And he ask again 'Di saan mo pala iniwan?'(Where did you left it?) At first I was describing the exact location. Then all of the sudden since it was so complicated I decided to tell him I left it in the guard house.

To my surpirse when I interview the guards who are there during those nights they told me that they did come to get …

Robers suckers!

Right now im so mess up. I can't think and I can't work. Why? somebody just stole my things. Particularly my cellphone (nokia 8850) and my P300+ cash (im not realy sure about the exact amount).

What happen yesterday was I dress up for our unfinshed basketball game for 9mins only. I decided to leave my key in a secret place. After the game I go back to my room change my shoes to slippers. Still my cellphone and cash is there cause I can see it. Then again I leave my key to the same place and go back to the game to watch the next game. What happen was suddenly an officemate of mine drag me with no reason telling me to come with me. I was like clueless and I ask him what is it all about? and he told me to help him carry a big box somewhere he's going to. And he was like insiting me to come with me. I was expecting it will only take a second and we will go back as early as possible.

Since I still have a chat with my gf anytime that night.

Then as we roll down the streets and r…

My first super typhoon (Yoyong)

Just last tuesday dec. 07 2004, five days after the super typhoon our internet connection is back online. I decided to try blogging using my ebloggy account but the problem is it generates error and in some how i could not blog. Good thing I have registered to blogspot.

Here is the story of what happend during the typhoon:
Dec. 02, 2004 typhoon yoyong is on its way directly to my location which is cabantuan city which is part of Nueva Ecija. As I gaze up in the sky the climate seems to be normal though quite cloudy which is actually nice. My location was warned as signal no. 3 during that very morning. I just could not wonder why? since the day was somehow perfect.
Time passess by the company declared a half day. At around 10 am all employees are free to go home. I was left at our room which is the MIS but there are a lot of employees who are left for the operation of our company since our company is an electric company most employee especially those who does the dirty job like the T&…