Reminiscing my work and home

Last Dec. 07 2004 was my first year here in Cabanatuan. Last year 2003 as I recall it John who is one of the MIS staff called me while I was working at my project particularly the enrollment system. He called me three times to convince me to go in here and work on their system.

Honestly, it was one remarkable experience. Just imagine an electric company calling you to work on their system.

During those time two things that I kept on my mind. First is I need experience, Im very much interested on how an electric company works and if ever I could complete it, it's ganna be one of my masterpeice. Secondly, I need my revenge to the company who I resign due to some hard headed wannabe boss of mine. One thing I dislike about him was the pride. Most of the time he thinks nobody can beat him. Though if you really try to imagine it in real terms we haven't finish a single project that was given to us by Caltex Philippines.

My first two weeks in here was a disaster. It's because I don't like the food, water and my location. The food sucks compared to our food in Davao. The water taste like deep well and my stomach was quite weird. And last but not the least my room. It's too small and it's simply not as good as my room back home.

So why on earth I hold on to this place? I have realize one thing. I dream of establishing my own real company where I have employees and I create jobs. I dream of one day that I could have an International clients wherein I outsource most of their system.

If I won't turn those dreams into action they would simply die like most of my ambitions when I was in my childhood years.

I know that this path that I took is simply like a training ground. If I could surpass this test hopefully I could take it to one step higher.

Now, you guys know who am I. A simple software developer with big dreams.


Anonymous said…
Hey dude! Musta? It's me Mark L.
Anyway, I appreciate your strong "passion" to meet your dreams someday. Wag ka lang mawalan ng "focus" sa ginagawa mo. Use your "strategy" to attain what you want. Like Pacquiao, Bill Gates and other CEO's abroad. Most of them wala silang natapos especially in school, but they become successful in pursuing their dreams. Parang kagaya mo rin sila. I know one day, makakamtan mo rin yan! Nga pala, speech ko tu kaninang umaga, sinishare ko lang sau. :-)

Anyway advance Merry Xmas!!!
maks said…
ei thanks for visitng my blog. ei what about your blog? send me a link dude and i will visit your site too.
Anonymous said…
I haven't updated my blog yet. Here is the link:

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