My first super typhoon (Yoyong)

Just last tuesday dec. 07 2004, five days after the super typhoon our internet connection is back online. I decided to try blogging using my ebloggy account but the problem is it generates error and in some how i could not blog. Good thing I have registered to blogspot.

Here is the story of what happend during the typhoon:
Dec. 02, 2004 typhoon yoyong is on its way directly to my location which is cabantuan city which is part of Nueva Ecija. As I gaze up in the sky the climate seems to be normal though quite cloudy which is actually nice. My location was warned as signal no. 3 during that very morning. I just could not wonder why? since the day was somehow perfect.
Time passess by the company declared a half day. At around 10 am all employees are free to go home. I was left at our room which is the MIS but there are a lot of employees who are left for the operation of our company since our company is an electric company most employee especially those who does the dirty job like the T&D (transformer and distribution).

During those cloudy afternoon at around 1 pm you can hear and see rain drops. Luckily there was a free food to serve dedicated to those employees who are working overtime and furtunately i was included too. At around 7pm in the evening i can hear our UPS(Uninterruptable Power Supply) keeps on beeping from time to time indicating a shortage of voltage. And I was expecting at around 8:10pm everything was shut down. I decided to stop working and proceed to another department which is the radio operator.

There I was sitting, taking and observing how a super typhoon passes to our location. As I was talking to some of my officemate they told me that the typhoon signal now reach no. 4 which means its even more stronger. As you observer the sky you can really hear the sound of the typhoon its like crying. Luckily the strong wind was up above and there where a couple of times when some lost traveled wind passes by blow hitting the trees and you can feel the strong wind.

After a couple of hours 1-2 hours at 10 pm. I think the wind starts to calm down though small drops of rains still exist. Most of them told me that the typhoon did not really hit our location.

Somehow, it change it's direction.

After the typhoon, I decided to go to sleep and have a rest.


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