Stupid friend

With the help of one of the AGM(Assitant to the General Manager) plus the security guards my first conclusion became clear. I had this dought first that my radical analysis was true. And here it is: During the party yesterday with the employee of celcor one dude name francis who works as an assistant helper to his mother in a small cooperative or canteen here in the company was there. After a few hours he moves close to me and talk. The critical part was he's topic was about my key. He told me that 'Wag ka magtiwala sa kahit kanino dinala mo ba susi mo?' (don't trust anyone did you bring your key?) 'And I said 'wala' (no). And he ask again 'Di saan mo pala iniwan?'(Where did you left it?) At first I was describing the exact location. Then all of the sudden since it was so complicated I decided to tell him I left it in the guard house.

To my surpirse when I interview the guards who are there during those nights they told me that they did come to get my keys. And even proceed to my place and my room.

After, we talk I confronted francis one thing I confirm he was a heck of a liar. Everything he told us was one big lie. Everything was changed. This dude is one dead jerk.

The moral lesson of this event as of my feeling right now. I just hate liars cause they are simply cusins of theifs.


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