Some bastard girl

Last monday, before I had a meeting one friend of mine in my yahoo instant messenger send a note on me. It's more like a spam that informs users who belongs to your yahoo friends that if you send the note to all of them some cool stuff will happen.

I decided to reply on her since she was my friend and a former high school classmate of mine. I told her that "it was a blaff" then she said "sorry" and she added another note telling me "by the way it's bluff" then I argue with her and told her hey it's really blaff. I told her blaff as in the light version of bluff. I did argue with her to the point that I blew her temper and now she's calling me names like "Gago ka pala eh.", "Your such an asshole" and "screw you!"

I was really surprise with her violent reaction. Actually I could fight back and throw even more harsh words on her(Just imagine all the bad words you can think off).

The thing about this girl is she is such an idiot. Idiot in a sense that we are simply chatting. Im not talking to my boss nor to my client and im not even writing some letter.

This girl is such a retard!

I believe that most people who study on exclusive schools like Ateneo de manila and UP in luzon are very much like this. People with such pride that they think they are perfect enough they think they belong to the elite world or somewhat they feel like some stupid god or something.

This people want's you down and treated you like slaves. Actually my first experience with people like this was even horrible. He even insults my credibility and capacity to make a difference. Sometimes I talk to myself and say "One of this days I could slap them into their face and tell them your school is not the measurement of who you can be but it's how you play the real world. Yes exclusive schools can provide you an edge but it is not a guarantee for success."

Forgive me readers for being such a hot tempered guy these days, I just wan't to unleash my anger to be free. And now im free and I can sleep well.

Darn the word "blaff" hahaha. I will never forget this people they will serve as my worse monster's in the real world and with my excalibur I will slash them with one blow.

I think this is the effect of too much action movies. I should try harry potter2 or the increadibles for a change. hahahah. Good night and sweet dreams people.


Anonymous said…
cephei ito. hehe sino yun? want me to kick her out for you? :)

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