My last days

What a year!

It's been a year working in CELCOR(Cabanatuan Electric Corporation) and tomorrow at around 3am ill ride a bus and stay in manila for one night. And on Dec. 22, 2004 at around 5am hopefully I could catch my plane and land safely in davao and back to my home.

I miss my room, my pc, my family and my special someone.

What's up with my life in here? Actually, I have learned a lot from day one until my very last day today. And here are the people and things that I wan't to express about my inner feelings.

1. God- thank you for the opportunity, life, experience and blessings that you have given to me. Merry Christmas.

2. John Tangle- I know you can't read this since I don't have plans of telling you my blog site hehehe. It's been nice knowing you and without you dude I won't be here. You are the reason why im here you are the bridge that connect my carreer to this place. I owe you a lot and I promise you that I will do my best to finish the last phase that im in now.

And one last thing if ever I finish it I know you will be promoted as the head of MIS Department.

3. Mrs. Yatco -the CEO(Chief Executive Officer) of this company. Thank you for the faith that you have given to me. I just hope that one day you will still look for me if you need to innovate your company. With your trust and confidence despite the fact that I am your last hope I will complete this task or shall I say mission that I have started and I promise you that I'll be back on january 2005. Im not sure what date hehehe.

4. My Taz(my girl) - never have I realize that you are very much patient with me despite our long distance relationship. Your efferot to chat with me and call me made me realize that im so lucky to have you. I have seen a lot of different women in here and there was a point of my life where sometimes I think that I should have left you. With the help of time, events and situation I have realize that even though there are a lot of beautiful women who comes my way still your values, attitude and principles made me realize that you are simply irreplaceble in my heart. And I cherish you for that.

5. ITFI(My previous company) - I still have unfinish business with you. But of course not in a very rude way. All I wan't is to complete my project and once it is complete my revenge is complete. Cheers dude! take note you are the reason why I wan't this project so bad.

6. Evil Monsters(Those people who insult and descriminate my capabilities) - I know I still have a long way to go. A long way to prove who I am and a long way to my dreams. If one day my dreams will come true and you and I will come face to face I will say this words to you "I made it." and with those simple words it will make you realize that you are darn wrong with what you said to me before.

7. Discipline - I need you more than ever. I used to think that living the geek way is the worse decision that I have choose. Since it is so boring and I have kissed my social life good bye. But in return crafts that I complete with discipline is the real prize. It made me realize the importance of software development in the life of every company that I made.

8. Microsoft Philippines- ahhh the best expereince that ever happen to me. The day that I walk to your door was the day that you inspire me to build my empire. Thanks for those gifts and I promise to wear your jacket every rainy season.

9. Independence - being alone in world where destiny is uncertain makes you a stronger person. Why? it makes you a leader. It helps you see the light in a world where most people see darkness. Taking the bold steps and slashing your way to world of unknown and yet remain alive is the only key to survive. And being independent is the only way to show you the right path.

10. Sports - the only way to earn is to save every single penny that you have. No matter how big or small your money is once you combine them together you can buy your dreams. The only way to solve this problem is to control yourself and forget about material things.

Mind you guys sports is always the best solution. It reduce stress and help you forget those material things that pressures you to buy them. Make sure to pick a sport that fits you. And i mean inexpensive sports. Use the body that God gave you to help you improve. Just remember that your body is your wealth take good care of it. It is the reason why you earn .

That's it. Merry christmas to all of you.


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