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GWT on YouTube

Combining YouTube api and GWT is by far one of the best experience I ever had and at the same time one of the most difficult to work with. The opensource community has been working hard to create a patch for GWT developers in order to make it easier for us to work with Youtube stuff.

Thanks to bst-player things have been very good to my project.

Here's my sample project:

I am very much satisfied with the results right now but still I would wait for the real YouTube api to be compatible with GWT.

8 Secrets to Success

As I was working on my project I decided to have a break and surf YouTube for interesting videos. Something that will enlighten my day up in a positive view. After hours of searching I finally got the right video.

It's from TedTalk: Richard St. John: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes

Here are the 8 Secret to Success:

1. Passion - Do it for love and the money will follow.

2. Work - It's all hard work nothing comes easy.

3. Good - Put your nose down in something and get damn good at it. There's no magic to practice, practice and practice.

4. Focus - Focusing yourself on one thing.

5. Push - Push yourself physically, mentally and gotta push, push, push. Push through shyness and self doubt.

6. Serve - Serve others something of value.

7. Ideas - Listen, observe, be curious, ask questions and make connections.

8. Persist - Persist through failure, persist to crap. C - Criticism, R - Rejection, A- Assholes, P- Pressure

Watch the video here:

Something Big

Months have past and yet i don't blog much as compared before it seems that social site have really explode big time allowing simple thoughts and expression to be shared with friends. I can tell it really affects the thoughts of my writing on blogs.

One of the major reason why I haven't blog much is because I am preparing for the big event this coming November. I will try to update my blog as soon as the competition is over.

Wish me luck people.