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A Better Inbox View

After studying my inbox view and trying to make it closer on how Gmail handles the content especially the text/plain that has hyperlink and the ability to wrap whenever it's too long; I realize that Google was just too brilliant for me to handle.

As I try to work out why my Javamail content data won't initialize the hyperlink and wrap I began to realize two important things. These are:

1. Even though I already created and tested the code that will handle those string and will inspect word for word on any possible hyperlink. Javamail seems to have issues with "getcontent functions" because I cant manipulate the content string but if append a new string the code works.

2. I think Google has a separate code for handling the wrapping of data. I have search everywhere to find a code in HTML/CSS that will wrap a very long word like hyperlink in facebook and I couldn't find one.

Even though I manage to fail on trying to make it as good as Gmail the good news is I created my…

Dealing with Different Mail Inbox

Every time I open my inbox and read its content it never occurs to me that dealing with information have never been this complicated. Whenever we look at our mail and see the different kinds of messages we receive it seems that we find this things to be a natural and a standard for every email provider like Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail to be able to handle the different kinds of format.

As I work closely with its content I realize that it was not as easy as I expect it to be. The different kinds of format on emails are quite tricky to deal with. Fortunately, a lot of people have already been working on them for the past few years and I was happy enough to find some solutions on the net.

The three common types of emails:




As you can see I’m still working on dealing with text/plain hyperlink. The Multipart was a little complicated to deal with and the text/HTML was the easiest.

For the meantime I’ll be working on its functionalities and get back soon on this problems.

Google Chrome Beta 2.0

I am pretty much convince that Google Chrome Beta 2.0 is by far the best browser that I ever had. The speed is stunningly awesome.

In a recent hacking competition, during day one... IE8
was hacked... FireFox was hacked twice... Safari was
hacked... and Chrome was left unscathed. Chrome was
built from the ground up with security in mind.

I just hope my download manager will work on this browser.

Download Here: Google Chrome (BETA)

GWT 1.6 RC

Time for upgrades on my Ajax application with GWT 1.6 ready and out for download.

GWT 1.6

My Chrome Experience

Finally, I decided to test drive Google Chrome and my final verdict to this browser...


I have never seen such browser render this fast.

Download it now: Google Chrome

Meralco: MDR(Meter Deposit Refund)+PPA+Katas ng Vat=Programmer’s hell

Since the middle of 2008 Philippine governments strictly cursing the energy sector searching for mistakes and the result was a billion pesos refund for customers. I’m not against this policy in fact I am so happy for this great news. However, only a few people would realize the painful process on this kind of transaction. It’s the programmer’s job to absorb this kind of mistakes and I am one of those unfortunate people to deal with this situation.

It requires accuracy and consistency to deal with this day to day bills. I’m not really complaining about the level of difficulty of this problem but rather I just can’t work on my AJAX application with problems like this popping month after month. I exist on this company to revolutionize their overall transactions and not on crappy back jobs due to greediness by some few.

I’m just worried about the bloatware of our converter as I add more codes to deal with situations like this plus our balance sheet is beginning to show an increase margin of…

Eric Schmidt at Teaching and Learning

I have never seen such a smart person attack by pessimistic and worries in this world and be able to counter it with optimism back with facts and solid reasons of his confidence.

Introducing the best of Eric Schmidt: