A Better Inbox View

After studying my inbox view and trying to make it closer on how Gmail handles the content especially the text/plain that has hyperlink and the ability to wrap whenever it's too long; I realize that Google was just too brilliant for me to handle.

As I try to work out why my Javamail content data won't initialize the hyperlink and wrap I began to realize two important things. These are:

1. Even though I already created and tested the code that will handle those string and will inspect word for word on any possible hyperlink. Javamail seems to have issues with "getcontent functions" because I cant manipulate the content string but if append a new string the code works.

2. I think Google has a separate code for handling the wrapping of data. I have search everywhere to find a code in HTML/CSS that will wrap a very long word like hyperlink in facebook and I couldn't find one.

Even though I manage to fail on trying to make it as good as Gmail the good news is I created my own. Which I think is good enough.

Check this out...

This is the original Gmail...

This is my old style...

This is the new style...

The difference between the old and new if you notice is the old style affects my original interface whenever I encounter a very wide message.

The solution was very straight forward; If your using GWT use HTMLPanel so you can perform the HTML codes.

This is how it looks like when its on normal mode.

For the meantime I will keep my text/plain-converter-hyperlink on a safe locker.


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