Meralco: MDR(Meter Deposit Refund)+PPA+Katas ng Vat=Programmer’s hell

Since the middle of 2008 Philippine governments strictly cursing the energy sector searching for mistakes and the result was a billion pesos refund for customers. I’m not against this policy in fact I am so happy for this great news. However, only a few people would realize the painful process on this kind of transaction. It’s the programmer’s job to absorb this kind of mistakes and I am one of those unfortunate people to deal with this situation.

It requires accuracy and consistency to deal with this day to day bills. I’m not really complaining about the level of difficulty of this problem but rather I just can’t work on my AJAX application with problems like this popping month after month. I exist on this company to revolutionize their overall transactions and not on crappy back jobs due to greediness by some few.

I’m just worried about the bloatware of our converter as I add more codes to deal with situations like this plus our balance sheet is beginning to show an increase margin of error from 0 to 0.08 difference due to rounding off issues.

A piece of message to all energy sectors: Won’t you mind consult with the government first and make sure to standardize everything because for every mistakes you commit will require at least 5 years to eliminate those additional process.

I wonder if there’s someone out there in my country working on green and renewable energy just like what Google and the rest of America is doing.

Stimulus plans for the Philippines anybody?


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