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DNS: Bills and Conversion

What a hell week for me as I try to meet my deadlines on this coming December but still nothing beats my temper to burst out to most stupid employees who make stupid decision. Sometimes you just want them to burn in hell.Lately, I have been working on a lot of stuff particularly the billing department which involves computation of bills, rover conversion and lots and tons of reports. I just don’t know why I feel dizzy whenever I am working on my database codes in contrast to designing a module. Is it because I am full? Is it boring? Or is it because of the milk that I drink? Funny but when the clock strikes 6pm or 7pm I am very much alive working however, my limits is only up to 11pm since I have to wake up early at around 6am.I could still remember when I had my first project I could go on like forever work late and wake up early and just keep on going and going just like the energizer bunny but now things change and I don’t know why. Perhaps the fire is not there anymore.Here are so…

MS iPod

This is what happens when Microsoft design the iPod...

Watch this: MS Ipod Parody

Opensource Java

Sun has finally open the gates to allow the community to dissect Java for good. With this kind of strategy Sun's momentum has just got main stream as developer’s world wide became more confident than ever before. I don't think this is something to laugh at especially people in Microsoft.

Watch the video: Sun Opens Java

Software as a Service

Software is perhaps the best business opportunity that most geeks can get into it since it doesn’t have to be very expensive and going international simply set’s the difference among other business opportunity. I bet that most entrepreneurs in the field of technology has an ultimate dream of going international and achieve the best deals of their life. Once an opportunity knocks on their way to go abroad even if the sponsor will pay them P1 a year they will grab it because they are on for a long term investment. The people that they will connect and collaborate once they met them will be their greatest asset as they move on to the next level.In today’s era of Web 2.0 a major transition is beginning to happen that even the largest software maker Microsoft will be challenge not only in the field of intellectual capability but as well as adaptability in culture and trends. With Ray Ozzie as the new Chief Software Architect, Microsoft is on for Web 2.0 dominance as they vision to build a …

Windows Vista is Coming to Town

Ho ho ho Windows Vista is coming pretty soon so what's with it? I used to think that Vista is just another trying hard operating system that has been murdered by Steve Jobs not until I saw the speech recognition that blows my mind off. I am telling you that it is one amazing operating system that will make you wow and be forever jealous by the Mac culture. Watch this: Amazing Vista Voice Recognition

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

My friends says that if I haven't seen the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley I miss half of my life. Perhaps they are right however, things change when youtube comes to life. I finally seen the full movie.

Watch this: Pirates of Silicon Valley

Woh Lamhe

The day before our tourmant I watch an Indian movie in google and my first reaction was "Is this good enough?" 172 people gave it 5 stars and I said to my self it can't go wrong. So I tried it and it was so awesome. I never thought Indian movies are so good.

Watch this: Woh Lamhe

Warning: Once you start it you won't stop until you finish it. Better do nothing else.

The essence of an open source

It’s been a while since I blog about techie stuff since I got too addicted with badminton for the past couple of months but now I’m back to the cyber world with lots of aspiration. Let me start things off with my work, lately, I have been converting over and over again data’s from our old system to the new one and hopefully I am getting close on finishing it on time. I felt bored while watching the progress bar move from one bar line to another until it reach the full bar. I think it was pretty lame to see myself doing nothing in front of the computer waiting for the transaction to be completed. So I decided to read again the book: “The World Is Flat.” This time I want to absorb things as much as I can and try to reflect on it.

One of the most interesting topic that really stuck in my head was: Flattener#4 Uploading-Harnessing the power of communities. The open source storey created a buzz in my head and Microsoft arguments in contrast with the open source philosophy was really very in…