Woh Lamhe

The day before our tourmant I watch an Indian movie in google and my first reaction was "Is this good enough?" 172 people gave it 5 stars and I said to my self it can't go wrong. So I tried it and it was so awesome. I never thought Indian movies are so good.

Watch this: Woh Lamhe

Warning: Once you start it you won't stop until you finish it. Better do nothing else.


Jane Smith said…
wow so this is it pala ha mark. tnx for sharing...mabuti at naalala mo ang title hahaha grabeh, i watched it but i was just making up my own story! buti ka pa hahaha iba na talaga pag maraming alam na languages ano...java, .net, c, whatever. ngaun pati Hindi alam narin nya. idol!! there's not a whole lot of people who can appreciate foreign movies lalo na kung lalake! good thing...u will need a little bit of that at some points in ur life :D

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