Dealing with Different Mail Inbox

Every time I open my inbox and read its content it never occurs to me that dealing with information have never been this complicated. Whenever we look at our mail and see the different kinds of messages we receive it seems that we find this things to be a natural and a standard for every email provider like Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail to be able to handle the different kinds of format.

As I work closely with its content I realize that it was not as easy as I expect it to be. The different kinds of format on emails are quite tricky to deal with. Fortunately, a lot of people have already been working on them for the past few years and I was happy enough to find some solutions on the net.

The three common types of emails:




As you can see I’m still working on dealing with text/plain hyperlink. The Multipart was a little complicated to deal with and the text/HTML was the easiest.

For the meantime I’ll be working on its functionalities and get back soon on this problems.


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