My december

Just this afternoon my cousin left davao and now he is in manila. Sooner or later he will be back in his homeland in the US. I envy him because it is so unfair. Howcome it is so easy for them to visit my country and yet it is so difficult for me to visit their place. I wish I someday I could visit US and not just tour the place but to work too.

It's a harsh and unfair world you know. Bye and take care cousin...

Here I am in my room and I had a very interesting gift this christmas. I just bought a new mouse for my laptop since my generic mouse was so problematic and I just bought my most expensive book. It's Visual C++ 6.0 I know it's quite old compared to .net. I should have bought it when I had the chance. Maybe soon...Talking about this book it has been my long dream to have this but the problem is I don't have enough cash to buy this. Fortunately, last dec. 27, 2004 I had enough and I bought it once and for all. Hurray for me...and to make things even better samples that I downloaded when I was working in cabanatuan is working right now after I decided to reinstall everything in my laptop.

Here's the book...

it cost me a whooping P6,352(1$=P56.00)

The first time I run c++ in dev-c I know that it really caught my attention and wanted to learn it and now as soon as I finished most of my project I have plans to learn more c++. Here are my 2005 road map

1. vc++ research and development
2. vc++ .net books
3. vc# .net books
4. perl books
5. php books
6. mysql books
7. a new PC for linux
8. phyton books
9. apache books
10. website and a domain

I just hope as soon as I complete my project I can do a lot of things and buy some tools for the upgrade of my knowledge and tools.

My parents want's me to go abroad. Im very much interested but the problem is I still need to find a way how? suddenly I realize that going abroad as a tourist is not a good idea my cousin from london who just arrive told my parents to get me a student visa. I wan't it but the problem is it's not yet a guarantee since I still have to work on it like I should find a school in london plus a work plus cash.

Argh too much obstacles to solve. My dream is to build a company and outsource my way to the first world. Im not even sure if it will work or not. I will comeup with my final decision as soon as I complete my project.

Happy New Year!


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