DNS Launching

For almost four years in the making my system will finally get a test of being fully used this coming Nov 3, 2007. It took me this long because a lot of factors during the development phase occurred and I didn’t expect things would be really tough as this one.

We did have a meeting just last week and I was really expecting a full blown system implementation but things just didn’t go my way. Some users were really scared of the output that they demand for another one more month of beta testing. I have to admit I was really frustrated that time and it took me almost one day to recover and focus my attention into understanding why I have to swallow the result of the meeting.

Never the less, I decided to focus much my attention on delivering the results in this up coming test run to justify everything I did and complete the whole one month process of test run for this month of November.

Two new servers are getting reading to pump up as we try to accomplish the impossible and two new PC will be installed in teller department as we deliver rock solid services to our customers. It will be one hell busy day for me this coming November and I am hoping I can complete everything before 2008 comes.

I just hope someday everything pays off.


Jane Smith said…
take it easy..im always here :) mwah love u.
Anonymous said…
Cheers and all the best my dearest Mark! You've done your best and that's what is important. Giving all you can. Love you.
maks said…
thanks tita. :D

hi baby. thanks for the support. mwah love u 2.

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