The Microsoft CEO Summit 2007

A very interesting event happened this May 15-17 it’s the Microsoft Summit. CEO’s are gathered to discuss how they will shape the future of business and Bill Gates leads the role.

Here are some of the key points that I learned after watching the video.

Every two years Microsoft still managed to double the transistors of mother board to boost the PC.

Internet broadbands are getting accepted more and more on developed countries.

Bill gates divided the concept of digital work style into two categories. Digital work style: basic and empowered. The basic focuses on the standard tools like email and the empowered uses the online video to communicate and improve employees.

Months after Microsoft collaborated with Nextel to provide innovation with communication they have managed to upgrade PBX communications to the PC and the internet power with break through software. The combine power of telecommunication, Microsoft speech recognition and Microsoft outlook was awesome during the presentation. However, the drawback seems to be very complicated to most business establishment. It needs to be converted into simplicity.

The new thing that Bill Gates showed in his presentation is the advertising. Microsoft is now heavily investing into three categories of their business to provide advertising. IPTV(Internet protocol TV), XBOX games and their virtual earth. The virtual earth is indeed a direct challenge to Google and the fact that Microsoft additional target is in advertising Google should be very prepared for it.

There is also one thing I notice to this webcast. While Steve Jobs is waiting for June to launch his iPhone that shows touch screen sensitivity Microsoft have already built a product similar to its device and promote a lot of its product to everywhere they go.

But the thing is…They still lack the magic on how to present it to the audience. It seems boring to me as compared to iPhone but it contains a very powerful tool.

Watch the Summit: Microsoft CEO Summit 2007


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