Holy Week

I had a very memorable vacation when I was in davao during the holy week. I had nothing much to say right now. Just enjoy the pictures...This place was taken in Seagul in the Sky particularly in Buda(Boundary of Bukidnon and Davao).

more pictures on my photo album. Click here: Seagul in the Sky


Jane Smith said…
hmmm 10mp really makes a difference huh..nice landscapes phew! can u take me there hahaha just kidding. tama, have u figured out the self timer yet? sa cam mo...drive mode - 10 sec - 2 sec - custom...remember that? let me know if u did!
Jane Smith said…
i love u Makoy ko =) i miss u so much...c u soon hehehe mwah3x!!
Leigh said…
mark, nag offline msg ko sa imo sa YIM... i downloaded ur pics and edited them.. they are here http://countess.deviantart.com/gallery and here http://www.flickr.com/photos/7738133@N07

with credits yan of course
Leigh said…
I also posted one pic in my blog too
maks said…
hi baby. yes already figured it out how. thanks and I miss you so much too mwah.
maks said…
Hi liegh. I saw the pictures already and wow you did a really good job on it. I like it a lot. Don't worry I will post more pictures since your so good at it. Feel free to edit them. Just show your talents. :D
Leigh said…
mark, yeah hahaha.. since I can't tour around the country, i'll just ask my friends to have their pictures to be edited by me... hmmm 4 na kau mga friends ko na contributors ng pics .. thanks so much.... para din to sa portfolio ko but of course with credits for you.... daghana pa mark.. kung asa ka muadto na place pag picture jud.. nice angle... basta kabalo naka ana.. hihihi

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