Prisoner in the Philippines

Would it be nice if you were sentence to jail and you do things like this?


Jane Smith said…
what?! their Filipinos?!! i wouldn't have known baby hahaha i heard them talking about this on the FM station the other day while i was on my way to work. sabi ng DJ to some Hollywood songwriter on air, "they" did the MJ's Thriller it was pretty good, i liked it. sus kay Pinoy diay. they were talking about the "girl" and they said "but it wasn't a girl" akala ko di nga kasi warewolf nga kasi Thriller pero baka tinutukoy nila bading hahaha! this must be pretty popular. hmmm this might bring Phils into the spotlight at least for a little bit.

i liked the Thriller moves by the way. i remember Jennifer Garner doing the moves from the movie 13 Going of my favorites hehehe. i wonder if i can do that? hahahaha in my dreams!! mwah!!
maks said…
hehehe kaya mo yan! ikaw pa. i think they are indeed popular sa youtube. ilang araw palang ang daming hits agad hehhe.
Jane Smith said…
they're...not their, sorry...what the heck was i thinkin

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