GWT: Image Chooser

One of the most difficult user interface to code was the image chooser of the GWT Showcase demo most of its components source code can be viewed easily when you click the view button but not the image chooser because of its complexity. The good news is I manage to make it work.

I think the image will speak for it self.

Here's another...

Soon you will see these components in action when my site will be out. Hope you like it.


Anonymous said…
Hi mark,It would be helpful for others if you can share the code also...
thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
where can i see the code?
maks said…
Hi people sorry for the very long delay I've been so busy. I forget to check on my Gmail.

You can view the code on
Abdelkarim said…
i don't find the code for the image chooser functionality, someone can tell me where exactly ?
maks said…
hi abdelkarim,

here is the exact link Download the file and look for the folders on the exact source code on this example. It's a little complicated but its worth the effort.

Anonymous said…
still i found no code at any of the previous links mentioned.. can u specify the exact code.(plz verify and post)

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