Reflection of myself

2005 was one of the most memorable thing that happen to me. In terms of career everything went fine but in terms of my relationship with my gf it was worse. We almost let go and live a separate life due to some misunderstanding. And I tell you it was the most painful experience I ever had.

During those time I always think that it was her fault. Even though im here in cabanatuan everything is just getting worse. There were times that I would really let her go for the rest of my life and yet she still beg for one last chance. Honestly speaking I never see the reason why I should give her another chance. Everything was horrible due to pressure and sleepless nights. I always thought that it was all her fault.

Yesterday, i was asking God what's the reason to all this event and why it turn out to be like this.

I never see myself not until she mention about my blog entitled Confuse

Last night when im about to go to sleep I remember what she told me and decided to review my blog and go back to past.

And I was so surprise on the things that I said. Damn it was a mistake. I was so selfish that I never saw her love. It's all because of fear. I worry so much about the future that I almost forget on how to live in my present.

She was crying and begging for me but I never listen plus the harsh words that I told her. I never listen and it's all my fault.

Since that day I have learned to accept and forget about the past that happend to us. I realize that I was so stupid not to care. Then I talk to her that night and everything went fine.

If there's one thing that I learned in my life I guess I should learn how to say sorry. Listen to the one you love for they only aspire your presence.

I love you girl and I hope we can be better as we continue our relationship. Thanks for keeping me during those time when im about to let you go. You never broke your promise when we talk about this situation last 2 years ago.

Im proud of this post.


TeenyBopper said…
and so what's the purpose of being lonely these times mark. This post explains.

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