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Since the birth of internet and emails I have always been fascinated on how this great technologies are being created and even wonder how it feels to be part on working with these tools. Everyday, I check my emails and everyday I always ask myself how it is being done? And so the journey begins...

The first time I manage to pushed my emails using GWT-EXT and Javamail I was so excited with the technology because I know those technology are being used mostly by mobile phones. Unfortunately, GWT-EXT is a dying third party toolkit and I just realize it was way too slow as compared to the native GWT.

I told myself "From now on I will focus my everything on the native GWT no matter how hard it was."

And so I did and convert most of my codes to its native syntax. Honestly, I have never been so happy with how things are. It's simple, fast, cool and best of all it has a small amount of file size. The path to take this route was really hard but the benefits are totally amazing.

Here's my take on my mailbox 2.0:

Here is my Inbox. Pushed straight from my Gmail account.

Here's the result when the unread link was click.

The result for selected read messages when the read link was click.

Notice how the links for newer, older and oldest at the top right changes whenever you click any of the options above.

And here's the result when you click the older links twice.

Here is the image when you scrolldown the email(same design and function of the upper navigation bar).

Here's what happen when you click the oldest link. It will display your very first email just like mine. Wow! I had my first Gmail account on October of 2004.

It may seem so easy clicking this link and watching those result appear the way that you need them but I'm telling you it was really hard making it happen. It took me two months just to get all my focus to make it happen.

For now I will be working on its functionality like deleting, moving and so on. Can't wait to blog about it!


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