Round Off Arguements

It's been two-hell-weeks since I am working on my billings calculation in my system and yet I felt it’s not enough to get me to the finish line to finally rejoice and be free. What choice do I have? Programmers/developers are born to face problems and it is our job to make things efficiently and accurately especially on the system that we develop but the price of this aspiration in a real world requires guts, time, money and effort.

Since time, money and effort is quite self explanatory as we face the real world then I would like to put a lot of my attention about guts. I think guts is the most difficult thing in facing the reality especially when you are in a corporate world where politics and connections are the most vital important aspect in climbing the corporate success.

As you stay longer in a particular corporation knowing the right people and getting in touch with them is probably the fastest and best way to succeed in whatever aspects you are face. Example: The more you are close with high ranking officials the more you are invincible because they tend to back you up whenever you need something or you have some problems. These high ranking officials feel they are invincible because of the people that support them. In other words it’s more like a give and take scenario: an officer is considered power full if he have more supporters around him or an ordinary person feels that he is power full if he close to a high rank officer.

But, there is a catch in this simple and yet power full and yet stupid culture that would create a discrimination to ordinary people. Take for instance an ordinary person was invited by some groups of a high rank person into some small gathering and then it seems this ordinary person felt that he doesn’t fit into this kind of session since the principles that he live in disagree with what most of this people are actually doing. Since this ordinary person would rather follow the right path and live the principles that justify what is right then he would rather walk the right path alone and hope that someday right people will meet each other and became his allies.

Again, I am talking weird stuff today because just this morning I had another disagreement with someone inside our office. This time it’s all about work technicality (formulas and function) that trigger the arguments. And it’s all about rounding off numbers in a formula. It may sound funny as to why it’s such a big deal but if what your working involves the bread and butter of a company you better take things seriously.

I just can’t believe as to why people justify their mistakes into arguing that: “matagal na naming ginagamit to kaya ok to.”, “kasalanan yan ng auditing department sila dapat mag check…” etc. etc. etc. I don’t want to kill myself with this kind of nonsense reasoning. The point that I want to express in here are: No matter how hard you tried if it is a mistake or wrong you should correct it. Because a mistake will always be a mistake and the only way to fix it is to correct it. And the last but not the least once we made some mistake we should learn to realize that it was our mistake and accept it and improve on it because life is a learning process. You won’t improve if you don’t commit mistakes or error.

I don’t know what to say, think and do right but as of this moment I just want to forget my work and surf the world for videos and news.

Good bye real world hello YouTube, Google and Yahoo.


Jane Smith said…
relax! ang highblood...
maks said…
hehehe thanks...:D

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