GWT 2.0 Campfire

After I found out the release of GWT 2.0 I immediately made sure that my web application is compatible with it and work my way through its codes. I was very fascinated with how the speed tracer works and played with it during my first 3 hours.

Days after I get feed up with all the new features I thought that was it. I have learned everything I need to know.

Well not exactly.

I decided to check out GWT 2.0 Campfire to learn more and I got what I need to know. Check out the video here:

I was happy with how easy it is to implement code splitting with this video to reduce the files to be downloaded.

Then I wanted to know the exact details on the improvements of GWT 2.0. Fortunately, I saw a blogg from ongwt by RAY CROMWELL entitled GWT 2.0: So Good It's Ridiculous

I was impress by how the GWT engineers do their job.


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