Underworld 2

Relaxation is a part of me that remains to be a luxury. Finally I decided to take some break and see what the real world is.

I walk to the small mall near in our office and check out some cool movies that I have been missing lately due to living in an alien world(my work)

I was thinking of watching a movie in a cinema but then again what good is a cinema when your all alone? I know some people get to used at it but for me damn my life has been lonely why should I make it even worse right? I mean most of my life in here was nothing but code and most of the time I work alone in a silent day or night so what's the point if I watch a movie all alone? I just hate it because it makes me feel miserable more and more.

Enough rants about my life. Going back to the real world... So I finally came into a place where pirates are heaven and movies are just like your candy store. Name it and they have it and not to mention multiple movies in one DVD. Last year there was this mall wherein the 3rd floor was occupied with nothing but pirated movies and the best was the movie quality. Damn it was as clear as the original plus the effects and everything was simply superb. But just like any sad stories they were raided and it became a ghost town even today. The mall that was close in our office was the last of the pirates. I bet that their sales has been growing since they monopolize the DVD movies already. I decided to choose a movie that was something outdated because I want a DVD quality type of film. The movie was good enough to warm-up my imagination and be excited about it.
It's still the classic vampires and werewolves movie that I used to match when I was young more like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The graphics was interesting just like your old Harry Potter Movies but above all Kate Beckinsale has a great body plus her suite looks cool just like cat woman hahaha.

The movie was filled with action guns and monster tales like vampires and werewolves but then again I don't know I felt bored. Maybe, just maybe it’s all because I have seen too much movie over and over again and they seem to follow the same pattern. It doesn't really open my imagination and be mesmerize with the film. I guess I was just getting tired of watching movies with guns and ammo without a very unique execution that makes you say ahhhh woooooow owwwwwwww. I don't know but hey don't get me wrong women who kicks monsters assess are like bomb shell man.


TeenyBopper said…
Bah! what's new with UNDERWORLD movies.... they hell boring.. even kate cannot compensate the taste I have when it comes to sexy-females-who-do-some-kick-ass-actions.

I still love TRINITY of Matrix though.
Jane Smith said…
i've seen it couple months ago, it wasn't that bad but yeah i guess twas kinda flat

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