New MailBox Updates

For the past couple of months I really tried so hard to make sure all the standard features of email will also be available on my pushed mail. Behold the new details of my mailbox.

The new interface has the ability to identify the following features:

Inbox - It has the capability to show the list of unread mails.

Drafts - The drafts works on getting the total number of draft being store on its folder.

Spam - The spam works the same with inbox it fetch most of the unread mails and display the total count.

Most basic features such as marking as read, unread, select all and delete works fine. I tried to keep things as simple as possible to avoid complex problems during the process of development and most importantly to avoid my brain to keep on adding more insane features.

I will be working on the last phase which is the compose and I think it's one heck of a challenge. Can't wait to work on it.


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