Project Real Time

Since the start of my project in CELCOR one of the major obstacle that im currently facing right now is on how to make the 2 company(Bitas - main office and collection - other branch) which is 1km apart to be real time in terms of information most especially customers bills. One of the mis staff in here already ask for a recomendation of a satellite that will create a wirless network between the main and the other branch. However, it was denied by the management obviously because of the cost.

Then while I was thinking on how to solve the problem my other option was wireless network. As I search for some details I realize that wireless is very much prone to hacking and its average maximum distance is 100 meters. Though I have seen anthenas that will help boost the range I am very much skeptical about other companies who may interupt the connection. Plus high powered anthenas are obviously not available in our country. I decided to cancel the wireless thing.

My second alternative was internet connection. I was thinking, how about if I make a request to boost the interenet connection speed plus issue another connection to the other branch then create a domain and then create a transaction. I began to analyze things and I realize that though this second alternative is quite cheaper at the first run but in the long run its ganna be costly. Since the company is in a crisis giving this alternative may create a cost problem in the long run.

So whats my crazy idea then? Obviously im left with a dial-up connection. At present the company is using this technique with their exisitng system. Every after 5pm they will establish a dial-up connection then transfer some data. Whats new? and how am I ganna create some freaking real time information with a dial-up connection? The answer is tanan JOO(Job Order) remember my first ever auto job order that uses winsock to create a true paperless transaction? if you forget about it then you miss half of your life! (screw you! hehehe just kidding) Through this I may create a real time solution for the company without over spending.

Let me explain the details. The problem is you have company A(main) and B(other branch) separated with a distance of 1 km and your only bridge is a dial-up connection. Company B's only transaction is acceptance of payments plus adjustment of payments if ever theres a problem. Winsock is technique capable of sending a packet from one network to another. In idot's term it's something like this: imagine of you have one module with one button. Technically the only way to trigger that button is to move the mouse or use the keybord and press the button right? now how do you click the button even if the user is 1 km apart from the computer. Use it remotely! By using packets to instruct the computer to press the button will solve the problem.

Currently, I have develop an IBot that handels packet and sends those task to a particular user. Im planning to do the same. The moment Company A or B trigger a task such as payment, connection, disconnection and so on it will save first to a particular database then issue a packet to A or B then the server will perform the necessary process. Once it is completed it will send again a packet telling the sender that it is completed then the compter who sends the pocket will delete the task that is mark for sending it to the other company. In case the network fails the administrator can check what are the specific transaction that fails. Interesting right?

For the mean time this will be my next promising solution to this company. I just hope that it won't take another year to complete this project.

Me and my weird imagination. :D


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