The Six Laws of Software

I just got done reading "The Six Law of Software". Not bad after all. As I realate it in my current project I think I forgot one basic rule. And that is "Keep it simple!" Our first arrangement was 4 departments. However, it grew to 9 departments. Such a stupid move I guess. I guess its all because of the relationship of all the 9 departments that im working at. Thats the reason why our initial agreement which is 3 months became 1 year and 4 months and still the system is under construction.

Despite of my weaknessess I guess one of my advantage was being a solo freelancer. Though expense should worry me but luckily im single I get much wisdom with this experience. And thru that hopefully this experience will help me in the near future.

In a country where unemployment is drastically increasing and poor people became desperate you have to learn how to wise.


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