My last game

I have been playing basketball since november and I belong to the T&D team. It is one of the department here in celcor. The game has two sets of rounds and today was the last day. We won the last game and just today we battle for the 3rd or 4th place. Unfortuanetly, we lost the game making us the 4th placer and tommorow will be a battle between first or second. Despite the fact that we lost the game I can still feel that we won why? it's because for the first time in the history I had my first two shoots live at the game hahaha.

I will never forget this day promise! hahaha and the story goes like this...I had the chance to play at the second quarter of the game since we had a 12 point lead against them. After a few runs from one place to another I spoted a hole in their defense simply because they where not guarding me as strict as the good players I guess some of my playmates had two guards on them. I deceided to drive all the way to the basket even if as I pass to the ring there were 2 guards waiting for the block. Actually, I was expecting for a block but since I was just a bench dude they decided to just wait for the ball or maybe the two guards was confuse which of them will block me hahaha and...swack baby! ladies and gentlemen I just made a remarkable shot, wooooaa hahaha ask any nerds or computer geeks I beleive that it is their dream too to make a shot in a live game together with the real players. And to all geeks out there who love basketball and yet basketball dont love us I bet you envy me hahhaha.

We actually had the game. From first quarter to the start of 4th quarter we took charge of the game but the problem came out during the 4th quarter when kids who was in charge in the scoreboard started to cheer the other team instead of us. Maybe those team paid those kids. hahaha they used to be in our said and now they simply change. Aurgh oh well enough of it the important thing right now is I made a shot hahaha.

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of celcor and we will have our mass plus the basketball game. And since its a party don't forget the food and I mean free food hehehe.


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