The secrets of a great leader

Last night I watch a movie called King Arthur, actually I already watch this movie at the cinema but then I decided to take another shot because I was impress by the movie. If there's one discovery that realize with this movie, its probably the secret of King Arthur. Base on this movie King Arthur was never defeated even once in any battle. Imagine in a battle field where you are out numbered with evil people who will not show any mercy. Your life is at stake and it seems impossible to win. Situation like this you can't ignor to question your faith, courage and the existance of God.

What makes Arthur special among his knights is he is not selfish. Never he have ask God for his own benifits but for the benifits of his people, the blessings God gave him he doubles it or even higher and brings it back to God and last but not the least silence. As Mother Teresa, quoted "In the silence of the heart, God speaks."

With God by his side people think his stories are fairy tales most especially the battles they fought for one cause "Freedom"

I do believe that most people who started from nothing and became sombody is all because of their great faith and everything they did is not only for their selves but for a high cause.

Without faith the meaning of our existance is nothing.


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