Last night again I just played basketball. The usual every night workout that im beggining to be addicted since it helps me escape from the pressure, loneliness and the material hypnotism of the world. The good about playing is you forget about all those unnecessary things in your life like you don't think about your system or a great amount of cash to buy those dream pc, digital camera or endless computer books that makes one geek so powerful in his own wierd and insane world.

So I was just doing the usual shot and training to just improve myself. While I was on my way jogging around the court two guys came close and borrowed my ball. The bad thing is they don't even ask for some permission to borrow it. They just get it and shoot. Ahh manners manners you should learn those basic staff because its a reflection of who you are.

After a 25 rounds circling around the court and some push ups I decided to join them. Just do some shots and layup. Guess what one guy ask me if I was a student varsity player? take note student varsity player. My gosh its been 4 years since I graduated from college and still I look like a second year highschool hahahaha. Actually I can't blame those guys Im just 18 right? right!

It makes the heart so big that my day was complete. From now on ill do this till I get old. hahaha


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