The death of prince of persia: The warrior within

Recently, I have been addicted to this game. And I mean for real. I bought this game last monday, after being so frustrated with life I decided to take a break. And man I tell you it was an awesome game. Bolder, powerful, deadly, the story combine with 3d graphics was totally stunning. What else can i say 5 out of 5.

See what I told you? from the way I describe the game it totally knocks me off to the point that I forget my work. My mission. I even think more and more of the game instead of how am I ganna finsih the enterprise structure of my system.

Fortunately, somehting happend just today. We had another power failure for about 5 minutes. Instantly my laptop change to battery mode automatically. I notice how the speed of the game change drastically. Though I did not mind it until I hit another portal to save the game. As soon as the game showed me one I saved it and quit the game. While quiting the game seems to freeze. I initialize ctrl+alt+delete to stop the game. It did quit. The worse came after when the power comes back. I decided to play again and bam to my surpirse all the game I played today did not show up. I load the last game I save and bam it quits and generated an error. It says "An error occur please check the readme.text". I did not bother to check it out for me its a sign telling me to stop playing those stupid game and concentrate on your application.

This time I uninstall it and say bye bye prince hope to play with you as soon as I complete my system. Im crying. Honestly! hehhehe.

Im back to the drawing board. It feels like I was morph back to the reality, more like your matrix film. Time for me to pump those neurons are start thinking. Its good to be back.


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