One Freaky Sunday

Last friday, I was told that I would join our COO(Chief Operations Officer) Mr. Alvin Vergara for his keynote speach in Knights of Colombus. They told me that I would bring my laptop since it would be on a powerpoint presentation with a projector. I told them that I haven't seen the projector yet and I have no experience on how to configure it. I ask them to bring it on friday so I can check on it as early as possible. And they said ok. Saturday has passed and they told me that they can't bring the projector yet. Its either late night or early sunday. I said ok. At around 8pm saturday I decided to clean up my laptop so it would look pretty nice on sunday. I decided to use a toothbrush and a water with soap. I used joy. While preparing the materials I realize to use my own joy dish washing soap, to my surprise I realize that it was gone. Hmmm it seems to me that I left it while brushing and when I came back it was gone. Then I saw some empty joy bottle it was empty. It was mine. Poor me, most of the time when im pressured and on a rush I sometimes tend to ignore most of my things after brushing. Then someone next to me would see it and pick it up and use it. It was even 80% full since I only use a drop of it. Back to my story. So I filled the empty bottle with water and a bobble pops out. Seems to me it was quite enough to clean my laptop. After I got back at the office I started brushing my keyboard. Cleaning every single dust that stuck on it. I took me an hour cleaning everything. After it was clean I decided not to turn it on and instead I proceed to cleaning my shoes and ironing my pants and polo.

Sunday, I decided not to jog since doing so might shorten my time. I decided to rest and at 7am do the laundry. At around 8am while waiting ffor the projector I was at my bed trying to relax for a while. After 5 mins the COO was there calling me to comeout and blowing his horn outside his car. I get up and proceed to him. He showed me the projector and I decided to immediately proceed at the office. I decided to power on my laptop after a few seconds windows xp login screen apear asking for my password. I decided to type the password and...bam no keys. I type it again and no sign of character. Suddenly, it was filled with continues character. Shit! it was acting so weird. Oh my gosh my laptop is dying! I turn off the computer power it back and again it act so weird. I decided to use my keyboard hoping to enter my log in screen and in someway I did it. One major problem occur was the projector. The power chord is not the exact chord. We search for the right one. Luckily there was one. The next problem was to show the display. I have no clue about the projector and decided not to touch it to avoid another flaw. I still have problems with my laptop an additional problem would create a major pain. Chris who was suppose to be the presentor was there he help me. And since this dude was not a tech savvy he calls for backup. Since all he knows was to plug and play the projector. Another MIS staff came. This guy had an experience with it and after 4 click on the project tanan the display came out. Technically, the projector is fine. The next major problem was the computer it self. My keyboard is acting so freaking weird. What I did was to make my laptop get more heat. It might because of the water that I used. I magine this when I type m it would display /m and if I press the right shift it would display the / and mind you it was more than that. It does a lot of unthinkable rapid letters and weird too. What I did was reboot...reboot..reboot. I Use the keyboard to configure my security and disable the password so that all I do was click and click. And besides all I use was mouse to do the presentation. After the configuration I leave my computer on while I take a bath. While I was in the bathroom somebody was there and it was already 9:05 am and im suppose to be there at 9:30 am. The guy did cameout at around 9:20am. I take a bath and overall I was finish at around 10:00am. Funny how time passes by while you are on the rush.

Fast forward...luckily they provided me with a driver. There I was riding the nissan pickup. When we reach the place at around 10:40am these people was waiting for me. hahaha darn how shame of me. Not my fault but then I know how these people think. As soon as I enter the room they begin to start the program. While the start I configure everything. Im quite nervous that time since my laptop is in state of being unpredictable. My plan was not to press any keys since I did not brought my keyboard. Another funny thing happen was when the COO starts to talk and after showing 3 slides. Bam there was a brownout. Funny isn't it? it was quite frustrating considering he was already speaking in front of those people. My laptop still runs since it has battery. Since it was already 11:55am and man I tell you I was so hungry since I haven't eaten my breakfast. While we eat our lunch the COO called the crew and tell them about the power. After, a few minutes the crew came. And there was light. The presentation continue after the lunch and finished at around 1pm. So far my laptop runs well during the presentation. After finishing the event and I decided to proceed at our office I check my keyboard if its dead or what. To my surprise all key was fine. Thank God. Right now while I type this blog of mine im using my laptops keyboard. So far so good.

A peice of advice never use water to clean your laptop keyboard.


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