Connection Timeout Sucks...

Okey just today I should have completed everything last monday. Its all because of this connection timeout in our network and some power failure. I think our company or shall I say my clients company which is CELCOR(Cabanatuan Electric Corporation) is one of the worse power company. Why? its the only electric company that has no generator inside main office plus to make things worse a small fluctuation of the energy sometimes or shall I say more often causes the server to shutdown. Poor world hehe but anyway this is what I got so I guess I should make the most of it.

About the connection timeout thing darn it sucks! just this afternoon at around 5pm I just set my computer to keep on scanning on those meter transaction history wherein the computer must identify whether the customer's account last two transaction has a record of changemeter, bajado or reconnect then once identified set the field vairable into a certain number greater than 0 then execute the match computation. That was the game plan. As I execute the code program click the button and let the computer do the rest it went fine actually and after seeing the first bar which represent that it did process I decided to take a break. Go out and check the world around me and after four hours I came back and check my computer bam after four bars a messagebox popup and say connection timeout... which means it just get stuck for the past 3hours and 55 mins. Don't you think it pretty much frustrated? after a couple break and a bug like this just hit you. I have a feeling that my computer is quite jealous if im not doing something on this thing hehehe. Ok too much SCIFI movies don't you think?

It just sucks. Oh well this time im rerunning it again but im not using any network anymore. Ill be using my computer and use the local connectio of my sql server to process continues transaction such as matching of meters and computation of bills then back them up restore it on the server allow then let the users connect to it. Bam problem solved. My gosh I want this project done and I want to take a rest give me my freedooooom im so freaking tired ok.


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